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Software Products

HR Market Leader Wins It All Back and More with Callbox

Product/Service: Payroll Software
Campaign: Lead Generation

Callbox’s Three-Step Tactic To Success for Marketing Consulting Specialist

Product/Service: IT and Software Event Marketing Solutions
Campaign: Call-to-Invite, Email Marketing

Callbox Takes Systems Integrator Leader From "Test" To "Trust"

Product/Service: Supply Chain Integration Solutions Campaign: Appointment Setting

Callbox and the Quartered Success of The File Transfer Expert

Product/Service: File Transfer Appliance
Campaign: Lead Generation

IT Products and Services

Callbox Secures Leads for Cyber Security

Product/Service: IT Cyber Security Campaign: Appointment Setting, Profiling

Callbox: Instrumental to Manufacturer’s Marketing Success

Product/Service: Nanotechnology, Industrial Products & Services
Campaign: Appointment Setting

IT Consulting Expert Reclaimed Prized Customer Conversations

Product/Service: Ecommerce Consulting
Campaign: Appointment Setting

Callbox Solves Software Company’s Marketing Conundrum

Product/Service: Business VOIP Services
Campaign: Lead Generation / Appointment Setting

Callbox: Clear Connection to Leads for Managed Telco

Product/Service: Telecommunications Technology Provider
Campaign: Lead Generation

Speaking for a Network Management and Security Company

Product/Service: IT Management Solutions
Campaign: Lead Generation

Advertising Services

Commercial Cleaning Services

Merchant Services

Financial Services

Education and Training Services


Callbox Passes Diagnostic Test with Flying Colors

Product/Service: OEM Distributor
Campaign: Lead Generation

Manufacturing and Distribution

Other Industries

Callbox Remodelled Success For Interior Design Expert

Product/Service: Interior Design & Renovation
Campaign: Others

Callbox Brings Back Sunny Days for Solar Leader

Product/Service: Solar Energy Services
Campaign: B2C Appointment Setting

Callbox Made Swift Success for US Top Car Insurer

Product/Service: Car Insurance
Campaign: B2C Appointment Setting

Topnotch Callbox Leads for Top to Toe Staffing Solution

Product/Service: Staffing
Campaign Type: Multi-Touch Direct Marketing Campaign

Callbox Breeds New Customers For HR Consultancy Leader

Product/Service: Human Resource Solutions
Campaign: Appointment Setting / Lead Generation

Callbox: Perfect Candidate for Japan’s Chief Recruiter

Product/Service: Recruitment
Campaign: Appointment Setting (Office Appointment)​
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