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Software Products

IT Security Provider Taps into APAC Markets with Callbox Campaign [CASE STUDY]

IT Security Provider Taps into APAC Markets with Callbox Campaign

Product/Service: IT Security
Campaign: Appointment Setting

Thrice in a Row: Callbox Boosts Event Attendance Rates for CRM Market Leader

Product/Service: CRM solutions
Campaign:Call-to-Invite (RSVP)

Callbox Mines a Shimmering Success For Jewelry ERP

Product/Service: ERP Software
Campaign: Appointment Setting

Callbox Concluded Success for Digital Marketing Analytics Leader

Product/Service: Digital Marketing Analytics
Campaign: Appointment Setting

B2B Marketing Specialist and Callbox: A Rare and Stellar Collaboration

Product/Service: B2B Marketing Services
Campaign: Appointment Setting

Callbox: Bridge to Global Market for Improved Code Review Tool

Product/Service: Enterprise Class Code Review Tool Campaign: Appointment Setting

IT Products and Services

Cloud Consulting Firm’s Sales Outlook Drifts Higher with Callbox

Product/Service: IT Consulting and Software Applications Campaign: Appointment Setting
Big Tech Brand Reaps Rewards from Long-term Partnership with Callbox [CASE STUDY]

Big Tech Brand Reaps Rewards from Long-term Partnership with Callbox

Product/Service: IT, Industrial, Construction, Automotive, Digital media, and Consumer Products
Campaign: Call to Invite and Appointment Setting

Callbox Nets New Users for Analytics Firm’s Research Tool

Product/Service: Information and Analytics Products
Campaign: Appointment Setting

Choosing Callbox for Sage Lead Generation Proven to be Wise Decision

Product/Service: Sage 300, CRM, IT Infrastructures and IT Security Solutions Campaign: Appointment Setting, Call To Invite

IT Firm Picks Callbox’s ‘Consultative Fit’, Hits Goals in Ongoing Campaign

Product/Service: It Consulting Services Campaign:Appointment Setting
CS_SW_Callbox-Printed-3D-Three-Differentiated-Campaigns-For-Co-Marketing-Specialist (1)

Callbox Printed 3D (Three-Differentiated) Campaigns For Co-Marketing Specialist

Product/Service: Managed Print Solutions / Printing Equipment And Supplies
Campaign: Appointment Setting

Advertising Services

Capturing Advertisers for Upscale Direct Mailer

Product/Service: Direct Mailer
Campaign: Lead Generation

Callbox Telemarketing Boosts Online Advertising

Product/Service: Web Advertising
Campaign: Lead Generation

World-class Branding Consultancy Gets Marketing Boost with Callbox

Product/Service: Branding & Consultancy
Campaign: Call-to-Invite

Commercial Cleaning Services

Callbox and Client Together Clean House

Product/Service: Commercial Cleaning
Campaign: Appointment Setting

Callbox Cleans Up Expansion Clutter

Product/Service: Commercial Cleaning
Campaign: Lead Generation

Merchant Services

Speeding Up Lead Flow for Leading Payment Processor

Speeding Up Lead Flow for Leading Payment Processor

Product/Service: Payment Processor
Campaign: Lead Generation

Financial Services

Callbox Aced Appointment Setting for Accounting Expert

Product/Service: Accounting, Bookkeeping and SMSF
Campaign:Appointment Setting

Callbox Lends B2C Expertise to Debt Management Firm in AU-wide Campaign

Product/Service: Financial Solutions
Campaign: Lead Generation

Demand Generation: Callbox Takes Business Loans Marketing from "Laid back" to "Look out! We’re back!"

Product/Service: Business Loans Provider
Campaign: Appointment Setting

Bridging the Offshoring Gap: Genuine Interest and the Need for Education

Product/Service: Financial Consulting Services
Campaign: Appointment Setting

Callbox Locks Up the Leads for Giant Insurance Broker

Product/Service: Insurance Broker
Campaign: Data Profiling, Appointment Setting

Callbox Revs Up Tax Consulting Firm’s Sales Efforts

Product/Service: Tax Consulting
Campaign: Appointment Setting

Education and Training Services

Marketing Automation and the Callbox Curriculum for Success

Product/Service: Leadership Curriculum Provider
Campaign: Call-to-Invite

Training and Telemarketing – an Award-Winning Tandem

Product/Service: Training
Campaign: Appointment Setting

Professional Training Agency Grows Customer Base with Callbox

Product/Service: Training
Campaign: Lead Generation


Callbox Keeps EMR Firm’s Sales Reps Busy with Qualified Appointments

Product/Service: Medical Software Campaign: Appointment Setting

Callbox Ensured Success For Health Care Provider

Product/Service: Health Insurance Provider
Campaign: Appointment Setting

Callbox Proved Therapeutic For Chiropractic Leader

Product/Service: Chiropatric Care Provider Campaign: Appointment Setting

Health And Wellness Guru Energized by Callbox Success

Product/Service: Corporate Wellness Service Provider
Campaign: Appointment Setting (RSVP)

Healthcare Consulting Firm Poised to Expand in High-Growth Market with Callbox

Product/Service: Management Consulting Services
Campaign: Appointment Setting

All-Time High For Physiotherapy Systems Leader with Callbox

Product/Service: Single Use Adhesive Electrodes
Campaign: Appointment Setting

Manufacturing and Distribution

HK-Based Industrial Supplier Widens Market Lead with Callbox’s Help

Product/Service: Industrial Supplies Campaign: Appointment Setting

Precision Engineering Company Executes Precise Rebranding with Callbox

Product/Service: Industrial Equipment
Campaign: Lead Generation

Exceeding Targets and Expectations for Document Presentation Solutions

Product/Service: Printed Presentation Materials
Campaign: Appointment Setting

Vibration Test Leader Handles Tough Competition with Callbox Help

Product/Service: Manufacturing, Engineering, Construction and Oil & Gas
Campaign: Customer Profiling, Appointment Setting

Callbox Delivers a Grand Slam for Global Printing Giant

Product/Service: Printing
Campaign: Customer Profiling

Callbox Telephone Survey “Primes the Pump” for Market Expansion

Product/Service: Pump Manufacturer
Campaign: Survey

Other Industries

Outbound Campaign Fast-tracks Inbound Results for Business Travel Platform

Product/Service: Online Booking Platform Campaign: Lead Generation

Telecom Firm’s Campaign Enters Next Phase, Grows Reach in New Segments

Product/Service: Telecommunications Campaign: Appointment Setting
LED Lighting Firm Renews Callbox Campaign, Wins Sales Deal in 2 Months [CASE STUDY]

LED Lighting Firm Renews Callbox Campaign, Wins Sales Deal in 2 Months

Product/Service: LED lighting solutions
Campaign: Appointment Setting

Callbox Gives HR Consulting Client Base a Boost

Product/Service: Consulting Services Campaign: Appointment Setting

Callbox Confirmed 600 Attendees for Events Leader

Product/Service: Experiential Services

Top ISO Certification Firm Boosts Sales Pipeline with Callbox

Product/Service: Assessment Services
Campaign: Others
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