Lead Generation Strategies for AI Technology Companies

Lead Generation Strategies for AI Technology Companies

No matter how many movies Hollywood can cook up about robots making our lives easier in the beginning but ultimately end up ruling the world, there is no denying that the horror of it won’t stop us from creating and integrating AI into our real lives. 

The fact of the matter is that AI is and has been in our midst already, and its popularity is only rising. On Facebook Messenger alone, there are 30,000 bots living there, and the number increases every day. 

However, if you are an AI Technology company, the success of lead generation services depends on the accuracy of your targeting and engaging with the right buyers with the right use cases. Mid to large-size B2B companies are undoubtedly the largest investors in AI technologies to this date.  

So, let’s dive into what Lead Generation services should possess to fit your AI company needs. 

First off, since there are still many companies out there who are not too keen on adopting AI just yet, it’s important to realize that AI still has many significant potential benefits across many other business functions. 

The top four organizational departments that adopt AI technology include Marketing, Operations, Technology, and Customer Service. So, lead generation services that specialize in targeting these business groups perform better in bringing in qualified leads for you. Another reason is also that these four groups are the most responsive to AI conversations and easier to reach with the right value-based approach. 

Business Case-driven Lead Generation

When lead generation targets the right people, it saves them from spending too much time on the buyer education process and instead offers them solid use cases that can spark conversation and generate an adoption decision.

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Clear Message

Lead generation for AI is special and different from any other product marketing. It’s more than just an “IT thing”, marketing to them saying that AI is good because they already know that. Keep in mind that your target prospects should be in a position that’s responsible for business transformation as well as your sales message should tackle real concerns and offer great solutions. 

The “Why” behind the “What”

It’s not enough to just tell your prospects that AI is a great addition to their business. Yeah, it’s good, but why? Educate them as to why it is good for their business, why it would only make sense for the direction of their career to incorporate AI. Why does it reduce business pain and increase customer satisfaction, etc.? Be able to answer and address these questions because when you do, the more your prospects will be inclined to buy your product.

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The Good. The Ugly.

It’s natural to promote all the advantages AI brings; how convenient and easier it will make to get things done. That’s all good and dandy, but it’s also just as important to address the implementation risks from the start as well. The reason for this is that large companies are slow-moving and conservative. They may take longer with the evaluation process in order to avoid technology implementation problems. As much as possible discuss and work with your prospect in order to visualize the process and provide metrics regarding the implementation. Every AI technology has to be reviewed by compliance first before it can be successfully implemented into a system, so it’s crucial that your prospects are going to be prepared for it right off the bat. 


Lead generation is always best when outsourced because it gives you the security that you’re leaving it in the hands of a professionally trained team while you can focus on improving your services and products. As we’ve stated in the beginning, scout for the right lead generation services and work closely with them for the best results.

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