B2B Lead Qualification: Your Lead Generation Campaign Effectiveness Monitoring Station

B2B Lead Qualification Your Lead Generation Campaign Effectiveness Monitoring Station

Most marketers would think that lead generation is mostly concerned with just that: generating leads.

This is true – in some way, at least. The number of leads you have generated does indicate the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. But knowing how much of your lead influx will result in sales is a different thing altogether.

If anything, you wouldn’t know exactly how many of your leads will commit to a sale, leaving you without so much as a hint of success or failure.

In fact, MarketingSherpa notes that “79% of marketing leads never convert into sales. Lack of lead nurturing is the common cause of this poor performance.”

This, in the long run, is often the result of a lack of an efficient system for scoring, verifying and nurturing leads.

For such a complex situation, lead qualification is undoubtedly a crucial component in marketing. It basically has a better view of your campaign’s effectiveness since it looks at how prospect’s interact and consume content. And on top of showing the aspects of your campaign that need to be optimized, it enables you to zero in on leads that have a high potential to buy your product.

This is only possible when you allow your lead qualification to work with your lead generation team. Doing so can make it easier for you to allocate resources on those leads that entail better opportunities.

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A Case in Point

To show just how valuable lead qualification is to an enterprise, we were once contracted to handle an established technology firm’s lead generation. The campaign involves sponsorships and participation in industry events.

During this experience, we noted that the people who registered for an event were at a loss and needed to undergo more engagements to fully understand what the event is all about. We also noted that most of these leads do not match up with the company’s ideal client profile. These two issues eventually resulted in low event turnouts despite the lead generation team’s best efforts.

Fortunately, these issues were resolved by convincing the firm to concentrate only on leads that are consistent with its ideal audience. What’s more, it took cues from its previous campaign and decided not to hold such an event again, knowing the costs it entails.

From this experience, we were able to confirm the value of lead qualification to an enterprise. For what it’s worth, your lead qualification team should be an essential component of any marketing campaign. And this is because of the fact that they are better equipped to understand your audience, what it wants to hear and what you need to do in order to drive more qualified leads into the pipeline.

In generating B2B leads, you need all the help you can get in order to seek out critical areas where you can push your prospects into engaging you in the long-term.



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