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Callbox is an outsourced sales and marketing company. We offer various types of targeted marketing solutions that help businesses reach and convert their potential customers. Our main lines of service include lead generation (identifying decision makers that match your target buyers), appointment setting (booking sales meetings with qualified prospects), and data-related solutions (collecting and compiling actionable intelligence on your target buyers).

Our headquarters is located in Encino, CA, and the bulk of our operations are carried out in the Philippines. We have satellite offices in Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia.

We provide you with a dedicated team that plans, carries out, and manages your campaign. The campaign team consists of an account manager who oversees the project and serves as your main point of contact, along with a calling agent, an email specialist, a social media expert, and a QA analyst.

Most of our calling agents have been with Callbox for at least three years now and have received continuous feedback and training. In addition, as part of the campaign setup process, we let you assess the assigned agents beforehand through interviews and simulation calls so that we can help you choose the right agents for your campaign.

We have more than 14 years of experience planning and running campaigns in complex-sale verticals such as IT, software, healthcare, financial services, and others, so our agents possess an extensive level of technical proficiency across different B2B products and services.

In addition, Callbox campaign teams specialize in a given industry or vertical, and we assign teams to campaigns based on their area of focus. This ensures that your campaign is handled by agents with relevant expertise in your particular solution or offer.

Upon signup, you will be given your own Pipeline CRM account. Pipeline CRM is our proprietary lead management, marketing automation, and campaign monitoring platform. Your Pipeline CRM account allows you to keep track of your campaign’s progress through real-time dashboard analytics, custom reports, and up-to-date notifications.

Results vary depending on the type and scope of the campaign. For a Standard package, we target a reach benchmark of at least 50 branding conversations with decision makers per day via phone or email.

To consistently achieve this result in your campaign, we make at least 160 calls per day, send 20,000 emails per month, track prospects’ visits to the campaign landing page, and engage prospects on LinkedIn. Taken together, these outreach activities allow us to make 3 to 10 touches per prospect, which in turn ensure that we reach and convert the right decision maker.

In terms of the number of leads and appointments delivered, results also widely vary according to the campaign specifics and prospect qualification parameters you set.

For highly targeted campaigns (e.g., Fortune 500 CXOs), results can reach as low as 5 qualified appointments per month, while in a campaign with broader parameters, monthly results can exceed 50 qualified appointments. In general, the more targeted your campaign is, the fewer appointments you can expect to get.

We obtain information on your target prospects primarily from our in-house database of 44 million key decision makers. Callbox also supplements its internal prospect database with data from reputable third-party providers as well as information collected through custom research. In addition, we also give you the option to submit your own prospect list to be used in the campaign.

We identify which prospects to contact in your campaign based on the target customer profile you specify. These qualifications typically include job title/role, industry/vertical, employee count, annual revenue, budget, location, technology in use, etc. Our Research Department uses these parameters as filters for compiling the campaign list which is then thoroughly validated and submitted for your approval.

In your Callbox campaign, qualified prospects are target decision makers that have met all the criteria you defined prior to the campaign start. Depending on their responses to probing questions, qualified prospects are tagged as either completed leads or as qualified appointments. Completed leads are prospects who demonstrate interest and fit, while qualified appointments are prospects with fit and interest that also agree to a phone or in-person meeting with representatives from your company.

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