List Building Hacks To Grow Your Marketing Database

We all know the limitless potential of consistently being able to generate new sets of emails for our respective businesses and organizations. A strong marketing database allows businesses to promote products and services directly to those who will most likely have a need for them or those who are about to realize they actually have a use for them.

All you have to do is to make sure that you have a reliable lead generation tool so that you can continue to build your marketing database as you grow your business. However, techniques and approaches are constantly changing. And consumers are becoming more and more aware of how to protect themselves from unwanted promotional or marketing campaigns to include those that they receive in their emails.

Instead of turning off your potential clients by sending unsolicited communications, your team has to come up with a unique variety of ways to build your email list. What if you can actually grow your marketing database easily? Wouldn’t that be exciting?

Here are a few recommendations you and the marketing team should strongly consider:

1. Try out the Sumo app.

This application will help grow your business by giving you free tools that will allow you to automate your site growth. Two of the most promising applications you may want to try out are List Builder and Scrollbox.

How does this work? Simple. The List Builder is a pop-up that will automatically appear on the screen before the user leaves the site. It may also come out after a certain amount of time of usage or browsing. It will contain a short instruction that encourages readers to submit their email address in order to receive more information or updates regarding the content they are reading. Records show that this tool converts 2.24% of visitors into actual email subscribers.

The Scrollbox, on the other hand, will come out once the ready scrolls down the page. Usually, it is designed to come out once the reader is halfway down the page. Compared to the List Builder, this particular tool has the ability to convert 2.59% of visitors to new email subscribers.

With the right content and an attractive popup, you can even increase conversions rates more than the above-mentioned percentages.

It is very possible that while you may be sending out thousands of emails each day, a very minimal percentage of that total number is subscribing to your newsletters. In an ideal setting, you would want more and more recipients to be looking forward to receiving updates from your business. A subscription means that a person is inclined to learn more about your product. When this is already in play, all you need to do is send a couple more informative emails and you just might close the deal.

Having subscribers expands your reach. They may not automatically buy your product, but there is still the likelihood that they will in the future if they see something they like.

3. Provide an opt-in box on your homepage.

Your homepage, being the most visited part of your site, should be able to contribute to growing your marketing database. Use it to your advantage. Might as well include an opt-in section on your homepage itself to save readers time and effort. Instead of redirecting your readers to another page in order to subscribe, make it a little easier for them to do so at first glance.

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4. Offer to write guest posts for a leading company in your industry.

If you don’t want to spend on advertising, here is one option you might want to consider. Offer to do a guest post. This simply means that you write an article about another person’s or company’s blog.

Of course, choose the site that is loaded with followers. Obviously, you also need to make sure that your target audience is, more or less, similar. Simply put, that blog site must be reaching the same individuals with the same age range at least. This is going to be very good leverage for you and your business. Use it carefully and wisely. Be careful about evaluating the image of the blog site you are intending to promote.

As you can see, there are a lot of little hacks that you can do to expand your network and your database. As a marketer, it is up to us continuously keep connecting with new people as we strive to establish our network and our brand.

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At the end of the day, it’s the little things that we do that keep the business flowing. Stay tuned for more tips, hacks, and stories. Follow us today!

The 5 F’s of Data Hygiene for Deeper Sales Conversations [VIDEO]

Data is the new oil.
Without it, your sales engine stops running.

Like oil, data needs to be refined.
Or else, it won’t fuel your sales machine.

The problem is that B2B data has a very short shelf life.

  • 24% to 36% of your CRM data decays each year Tweet this!
  • 25% of sales contacts are invalid at any given time

Poor data causes reps to waste 27.3% of their time,
and ends up costing you 12% of revenues.

The good news is that,
by following a few simple data hygiene best practices,
richer data-driven sales conversations are always within your reach…

Learn how to Utilize a Data-Driven Approach to Generate Technology Leads!

#1 Find out what’s wrong

  • Start with a thorough audit of your CRM
  • Interview key data handlers and users
  • Identify what types of errors and potential issues you encounter

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#2 Fix what’s broken

  • Validate data entry errors and typos first
  • Research and update inaccuracies like phone numbers, email addresses, etc.
  • Define rules for merging and removing duplicate records

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#3 Fill missing values

  • Use the main company phone number as a placeholder until you obtain a direct line
  • Infer email addresses from common company-specific email patterns
  • Populate empty fields with data from publicly-available sources and third-party providers

#4 Fit data together

  • Follow standard naming conventions for contacts and businesses
  • Make sure to use consistent abbreviations and punctuations throughout a column
  • Create formatting rules for categorical fields (e.g., job titles, industries, etc.)

#5 Feed into a data management process

  • Plan for each stage of the data lifecycle (from collection to removal)
  • Automate as much as you can, but keep humans in the loop
  • Farm out a specific task when you don’t have the resources to do it in-house

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Keep in mind that data hygiene is a continuous process, not a one-time thing.
Always go back to the 5 F’s:

  • Find

  • Fix

  • Fill

  • Fit

  • Feed

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