Client Success Story
R&D Firm’s Smart Move with Callbox Account-Based Marketing Campaign

R&D Firm’s Smart Move with Callbox Account-Based Marketing Campaign

Sales Appointments
Social Media Connections
Research & Development
Singapore, USA, UK, Germany
Campaign Type
Lead Generation, Appointment Setting
Target Location
Singapore & Hong Kong
Target Industries
Finance, Insurance, and Bank
Target Contacts
Equities Analyst, Portfolio Manager, COO, CIO, Financial Advisor, PIC for research

The Client

The Client is Asia’s largest independent and collaborative ecosystem for investment research, offering a fully digital and cloud-based platform that enables large communities of analysts and other professionals to create digitally native, interactive research content, share ideas, collaborate on research projects, and discuss opinions in real-time.

The Challenge

For years, the Client relied on its in-house marketing team to generate leads through outbound calling and email until it all became quite ineffective, and caused a decline in their customer base. Intensified market competition and drastic technology advancements were seen as factors that made their approach appear quite obsolete.

In order to keep up with the changing research investment landscape, the Client decided to take a more proactive marketing strategy by adopting new marketing technologies and integrating with their current strategies which they can quickly take through outsourcing.

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