Precision Engineering Company Executes Precise Rebranding with Callbox [CASE STUDY]


Precision Engineering Company Executes Precise Rebranding with Callbox


The client is the Singapore arm of an industrial equipment supplier based in Germany, specializing in motion and fluid control technologies used in advanced production lines worldwide. The company’s product portfolio includes actuators, air preparation, fittings, tubing, pressure switches, vacuum, and valves.


Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Malaysia


The Client has a long and illustrious company history that includes the invention of the first inline lubricator in 1927 and a series of breakthrough innovations in several pneumatic fluid and motion control technologies. Its products and expertise are presently used in numerous manufacturing facilities worldwide for improving equipment productivity and efficiency.

In 2015, as part of its efforts to transform itself into a truly world-class engineering company, the Client consolidated several of its divisions under a single brand and recently carried out a major overhaul of its webstore to realign with its new branding initiatives. Aside from its extensive global network of distributors, the Client is able to offer its solutions to its target customers through online catalogs.

While these moves are expected to create favorable long-term opportunities, the new brand rollout and webstore revamp bring some key short- to medium-term challenges that the Client needs to address right away. In terms of near-term marketing activities, the challenge is two-fold:

  1. Informing its existing customers of the rebranding and the site renovation in a way that drives both interest and awareness
  2. Identifying specific needs and inquiries from their customers and prospects, which can then be turned into actionable insights


Given both the Client’s current strategic situation and its immediate marketing goals, it was determined that Callbox’s precision-oriented lead generation solutions would be an effective approach at enhancing the Client’s rebranding and customer outreach efforts. Accordingly, the campaign plan consisted of two main components: (1) customer profiling and (2) lead generation.

Database Profiling

To guarantee the quality of data to be used in the campaign, the list underwent thorough customer profiling, which involved manually validating and verifying each database record and field.

  • Agents called every contact on the list in order to check and update all pertinent information.
  • Callbox’s customer profiling package ensured that every entry on the list contained complete, accurate, relevant, and timely information on a valid decision-maker.
  • Once completely profiled, every record on the list represented a contact having any of the above-mentioned job titles working in a manufacturing company located within any of the four APAC countries mentioned earlier.

Lead Generation

With its award-winning lead generation expertise, Callbox was well-positioned to help the client meet the two main challenges brought on by its recent rebranding program. In a nutshell, the lead generation activities of the campaign included:

  • The Callbox team engaged the Client’s target contacts through live phone conversations in order to touch base and introduce the rebranded solutions.
  • Callbox distributed the company’s Express catalogs to qualified contacts in Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore. The Client’s pneumatic catalogs were disseminated to qualified contacts in New Zealand.
  • Agents then set up follow-up phone appointments with hot leads and inquiries.


The three-month campaign yielded the following results:

  • 918 profiled records
  • 208 total leads completed
  • 69 hot leads (leads who met all of the qualification criteria) generated during the campaign, representing 1/3 of total leads completed
  • 119 warm leads (leads who failed to meet exactly one qualification criterion) Warm leads made up 57% of all leads generated.
  • 20 leads, or nearly 10% of the total, were ranked as cold leads.


  • Carried out targeted lead generation to boost rebranding program
  • Achieved all campaign objectives within the three-month time window
  • Delivered a thoroughly-cleansed and up-to-date contact list

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