Callbox Instrumental to Manufacturers Marketing Success [CASE STUDY]


Callbox: Instrumental to Manufacturer’s Marketing Success


The Client is a 50-year old market leader that provides high technology tools and systems like desktop, portable, handheld XRF and OES materials identification and analysis systems, as well as coating thickness measurement and gauging instrumentation to industrial customers with diverse needs. They design and manufacture equipment that can fabricate, analyze and manipulate matter at the atomic and molecular levels.

Steel Manufacturing, Foundries, Automotive Manufacturers

Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Korea


The Client, although prided with the value proposition of providing A1 screening tools for fast and accurate analysis of the widest variety of materials, truthfully admitted that coping with global competitions would be difficult to achieve without a partnership with some significant sectors like sales and marketing. Their products’ key benefits (point and shoot, verification in seconds, rapid, reliable and rugged, non-destructive testing and no sample preparation, easy to carry) were first-rate features that set them apart from competitors but were hardly positioned to their target customers’ attention due to some deferring areas in the business process that withheld progress and expansion goals:

  • Customers database is inaccurate with incomplete contact information
  • Customers evade long discussions and questions which inhibits the Client from being able to further explain how their product or service could be beneficial to the customer
  • Some customers’ needs were understated which caused application of inadequate solutions by the Client


As an industry expert on providing sales and marketing solutions to a global market, Callbox, upon its initial discussion with the Client deemed the course unique and framed a fitting solution for the aforementioned concerns.


The Client saw their database as obsolete as the last update was done over 3 years ago, but Callbox’s customer profiling service recreated the list as new.

The Callbox team first sent out initial emails to the current list to see which contacts were still active by tracking replies and actions like website visits, clicked links and downloads. Those emails contained a one-page informational content which included CTAs like links to landing pages about specific subjects the target would be interested to see, website links, Q&A boxes and downloadable collaterals. Inactive contacts were scrubbed off to leave room for newly acquired ones.

Active contacts in the old list and the newly acquired database which was provided by the Callbox team, were then called by the agent to verify all pertinent information like contact name, business name, business address, active phone numbers, email addresses, social media accounts and industry focus.

Both lists were then deduplicated to ensure calling time and effort were maximized throughout the duration of the campaign.


The final action in the lead generation program was appointment setting. The Callbox team meticulously drafted a script for the campaign which would uncover the target’s concerns at base level. Only three key probing questions were asked of the target but were surefire to uncover the prospect’s pain points. This opened an avenue for the Client to speak with their target prospects how their products and services would benefit their business.


The combined lists from the Client and Callbox totaled to 4,894 profiled and updated records. The three-point probing approach unleashed significant answers from the prospects which were instrumental to the Client in tailor-fitting solutions for them.

Out of the 4,894 records, the Callbox team generated 93 appointments and 51 warm follow ups, and before the three-month campaign ended, the Client was already preparing proposals for three large companies.
The technology leader concluded that indeed, with Callbox’s Appointment Setting program, business advancement and expansion were imminent.

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