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Callbox ABM Campaign Renovated Success For Interior Design Expert

Callbox ABM Campaign Renovated Success For Interior Design Expert

Sales Appointments
Social Media Connections
Campaign Type
Appointment Setting
Target Location
Target Industries
All industries except competitors
Target Contacts
C-Levels, Office Managers, Admin Managers, Project Managers, Architects, PIC of Design/Renovation/Internal Improvements

The Client

The Client is a 20-year old interior design and renovation expert that provides a holistic architectural service from conceptual design, implementation, and support for corporate and retail clients through the latest trends in interior design solutions and high quality workmanship.

The Challenge

Since inception, the Client has been making its mark in the architectural design industry which made it a three-time awardee of Superbrands. However, years after, technology innovation and tough market competition brought the need to strategize, and to do some process improvement which required focusing on customer acquisition and profiling. After looking into a list of possible providers, the Client decided to outsource its lead generation campaign from Callbox.

Old Title: Callbox Remodelled Success for Interior Design Expert

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