Client Success Story
Callbox Completes Awareness Campaign for Online Learning Platform Firm

Callbox Awareness ABM Opens Market Opportunity for Online Learning

Sales Appointments
Social Media Connections
Software, Education, SaaS
Campaign Type
Lead Generation, Appointment Setting
Target Location
Target Industries
Schools, Universities, Higher Education Institutes, Professional Training, Corporate Training, Learning and Continuing Education
Target Contacts
College, Universities, Professional Schools, Administration of Educational Programs, Commercial Economic, Sociological & Educational Research, Educational, Religious & Charitable Trusts, Business Consulting Services, Miscellaneous Publishing, Vocational Schools, Educational Services, Job Training & Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Noncommercial Research Organizations, Management Consulting Services

The Client

The Client is a cloud-hosted, social online learning platform that enables educators to deliver effective, enjoyable, and transformative online courses to students. With over one million students and courses across countries, it’s considered as an Australian innovation and technology success story.

The Challenge

The Client recently tied a partnership with one of the biggest players in the software industry in conjunction with their goal to bring secure, verifiable, and shareable digital certificates for learners through a new learning platform. 

The partnership was successfully launched by its internal marketing team through an online information drive campaign which focused on promoting the viable opportunities that the new platform offers.

Towards the end of the campaign, however, the Client felt the need to extend the outreach to more potential customers, so it decided to outsource a marketing campaign which included lead generation and data profiling with Callbox.

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