Client Success Story
CS FIN Callbox Caps RSVP Campaign with Big Time Financial Players for Fintech Firm

Callbox Caps RSVP Campaign with Big Time Financial Players for Fintech Firm

Marketing Qualified Leads
Social Media Connections
Singapore, Malaysia, China, Philippines, UK, UAE
Campaign Type
Lead Generation, Appointment Setting
Target Location
Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East
Target Industries
Financial Services, Banking, Fintech
Target Contacts
Generally, Finance managers/Directors, Account Managers, IT Managers/Directors, Financial Controllers, HR Managers/Directors, C-suite, Accountants, Business Owners, and a set of specific targets for each event type

The Client

The Client is a leading provider of strategic intelligence and builder of platforms in the financial industry, running regular programmes around the world and operates on four closely related verticals: editorial, research, forums, and academy.

The Challenge

The Client regularly hosts live events in different countries that stage a wide range of financial products and services designed to build intelligence for their global market. They believe that meeting their customers face to face is the best way to form ideas of how to help them plan and expand their business. 

But, these in-person events have slowly become quite impractical due to low conversion rates delivered, considering the time and money spent on travel and logistics. This made the Client consider hosting online events instead of doing it live from one location to another.

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