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Clinical Tech Leader Boosted Leads in Asia with Callbox ABM & Webinar Campaigns

Clinical Tech Leader Boosted Leads in Asia with Callbox ABM & Webinar Campaigns

Sales Appointments
Webinar Attendees
Campaign Type
Lead Generation, Appointment Setting
Target Location
Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam
Target Industries
Healthcare (Hospitals, Clinic Chains), Medical Universities
Target Contacts
Chief Medical Officer, Chief of Pharmacy, Head of Medicine, Head of Pharmacy, Chief Pharmacist...

The Client

The Client is a trusted clinical technology and evidence-based solution that engages clinicians, patients, researchers, students, and the next generation of healthcare providers. With a focus on clinical effectiveness, research and learning, safety and surveillance, and interoperability and data intelligence, its proven solutions drive effective decision-making and consistent outcomes across the continuum of care.

The Challenge

The Client remains focused on accelerating its value as a trusted clinical technology leader that provides expert solutions to health providers, helping them make decisions based on evidence, expand access, tailor care to individual needs, and ensure fair and equitable health opportunities.

For the Client, advancing health equity means identifying tactical ways to support the delivery of safe and equitable care across health solutions, services, partners, and employees. This also includes adopting better and more advanced initiatives from third-party providers.

For the current year, the Client chose Callbox to run their marketing campaigns due to the latter’s extensive lead generation program.

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