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Callbox ABM: Bridged the Gap Between Offshoring Expert and Target Clients

Callbox ABM: Bridged the Gap Between Offshoring Expert and Target Clients

Sales Appointments
Net New Prospects
Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Campaign Type
Lead Generation, Appointment Setting
Target Location
Hong Kong, Singapore
Target Industries
Corporate Services, Trust Companies, Private Bank, Wealth Management
Target Contacts
CxO, Business Development Managers, Directors, Marketing Directors, General Managers

The Client

The Client is a leading media company in Hong Kong, providing news and finance information services to financial intermediaries and high net worth individuals. The services they provide include educating Chinese financial intermediaries on the effective use of tax planning and asset management through a series of summits. They work on a platform built from different media channels like online media, periodicals, and guides, to deliver the latest information and relevant topics to finance professionals.

The Challenge

The Client connects Chinese financial consultants to companies that plan to bring their business offshore via financial conferences. These businesses could either be companies from neighboring countries in Asia that would want to be educated on how to bring investments to Hong Kong, as well as Hong Kong-based companies that would like to expand in other regions.

The Client is recognized as a crowd drawer to every financial summit they launch, but the leads generated from the impressive event attendance convert very low number of follow-ups, as most of the attendees were either just curious to hear what the meeting was all about or didn’t really have a solid need for offshoring at all.

The Client thought they needed a more targeted audience who wanted to learn about offshoring, and interested to engage further. Add to that was the pressing time to expedite the project since a series of summits were already on the approving stage.

But, the Client didn’t have the right tools to carry out the tasks needed for the upcoming summits which are to profile their target attendees, gauge the need of the prospects, and uncover the genuine interest for offshoring opportunities.

Old Title: Bridging the Offshoring Gap: Genuine Interest and the Need for Education

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