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Two Ways To Use Callbox Pipeline

Callbox Pipeline is our complete lead management platform that powers your outsourced lead generation program through its multi-channel marketing capabilities.

When you sign up for any of our lead management services, you automatically enjoy the benefits of our proprietary CRM software designed to answer the needs of an outsourced sales and marketing campaign. With Callbox Pipeline’s real-time data and ease of access, it is as if your Callbox team was working right inside your own office.

How WE use Callbox Pipeline to ensure YOUR lead generation program is a success

1. Building and Preparing Your List

BUILD: DataMiner
Using the DataMiner Tool, we build your list from our database of over 50 million decision makers, filtered by location, type of business, business size, etc.

CLEAN: List Architect
Our List Architect dedupes data, scrubs off invalid emails and verifies each record, giving you a clean list ready for launching.

CALL: SMART Calling Engine
With your list clean and ready, it is loaded onto the SMART Calling Engine where your Callbox Team calls those decision makers and turns them into your qualified leads.

EMAIL: Emailer Suite
Your list may also be uploaded to the Emailer Suite, a versatile tool that takes charge of sending those all-important initial and follow-up emails to your prospects in volume.

Building and Preparing Your List

Running your Lead Generation Program

2. Running your Lead Generation Program

EMAIL: Lead Nurture Tool
We use the powerful Lead Nurture Tool to launch your multi-channel, multi-step campaign to nurture your leads over a period of time, until they are ready to become customers.

See how the Lead Nurture Tool works

SMART Calling is designed to get your Callbox Team to call your prospects at times when engagement and conversion rates are most optimal, leading to a higher percentage of success.

Get the inside look on SMART Calling

SOCIAL: Business Connections
Callbox Pipeline’s social media feature allows your Callbox team to systematically scour the web for prospects whose profiles match those that are in your list and connect with them.

CHAT: SalesChat 365
Callbox’s 24/7 live chat service for your business allows us to take sales-related inquiries, qualify them for you and even book them for appointments. We work even on your days off and holidays.

This is how we make SalesChat 365 work

WEBSITE: Branding with Remarketing
Through Google Adwords, we reinforce your branding by displaying text and banner ads to your target prospects, identifying those who click on your ads and nurturing them into leads.

Feed your curiosity – read about Remarketing here

MOBILE: Appointment Alerts
Callbox Pipeline’s SMS capabilities guarantee that neither you nor your prospect forgets about your scheduled appointment as you receive text alerts and reminders.

How YOU can use Callbox Pipeline to reach your sales targets

1. For Lead Generation and Follow-up

Contact Info and History
View, store and update contact information and past communications with each lead

Lead Scoring
Contact leads based on their Lead Scores determined by how they fit in with your business and the interest they show in your offering

Real-time Notifications
Receive timely alerts so you can respond promptly to actions taken by your prospects

Appointment Scheduling App
Invite your prospects to schedule an appointment with you by clicking a link to your calendar

Event Calendar
Block-out dates and times to indicate to your Callbox team your availability for appointments

Appointment Dossier
Access all relevant information pertaining to an appointment via a print-ready format

For Lead Generation and Follow-up
For Campaign Reports and Updates

2. For Campaign Reports and Updates

Activity Status Reports
View daily, weekly and/or monthly reports on calling, social and remarketing activities

List Editor
Edit and sort your call lists by location and last call result to further improve your campaign

Detailed Lead Nurture Reports
Track the progress of a nurturing scheme by checking its activity log or email marketing metrics

Live Touchpoints
View calls by your Callbox team, email opens and replies, and website visits as they happen

Export Feature
Download your custom reports in CSV format

Mobile Streams
Access updates on recent calls, appointments, tasks and notifications across mobile browsers

Campaign Weekly Updates
Get weekly updates on the status of leads and campaign recommendations via email

Watch this demo of Callbox Pipeline:

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