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Mark Zuckerberg’s Best and Inspiring Response to Grandma Becomes Viral

 Photo by Brian Solis – https://flic.kr/p/57fCHR Interesting FB status posts are those that stir excitement about extreme emotions of joy, anger or disgust; indulgence on food, gadgets and travel; and achievements in life and career. All these would normally come from the “Millennials” also known as Generation Y (the generation born from the 1980’s to 2000’s). […]

Lead Management Solutions for Better Profits

Marketers in the B2B industry take lead generation seriously. They know that B2B leads can pose as potential sales partners, thus every effort has to be exerted in goading them into making a purchase. But it’s not actually the convincing part that makes an effective lead generation program. Often, it is having effective processes behind […]

5 Ways B2B Startups can Become Thought Leaders

Modern marketing has a lot to offer the world. And we mean a LOT. With companies becoming more aggressive in their lead generation and appointment setting campaigns, it has become relatively difficult – especially for business startups – to promote their brands. Considering the amount of content and clutter that has overrun every communication channel […]

The Intrinsic Value of Lead Generation to Software Companies

Why do software companies need lead generation? Belonging to a multi-billion dollar industry highlighted by incessant demands for better solutions to complex problems, software companies are expected to increase their efforts in terms of developing more advanced product lines. This is indicated by the fact that there is an increasing demand for industry-specific software products. […]

Lead Generation Tactics to Get your Money’s Worth

Do you plan to maximize your ROI? Well, you’re not the only company in the B2B industry that’s vouching for that. Apparently, businesses make a great deal out of their marketing investments especially B2B lead generation. Facing a very volatile market and equally unpredictable competition, these businesses go considerable lengths just to find a cost-efficient […]

Old B2B Online Marketing Techniques You Should Get Rid Of

In the digitalized competitive market, marketing strategists should set the focal points of their plans on the essential foundations of competitive advantage: cost leadership, differentiation, and focus strategy to address complex consumer behavior. Today, consumers are more rational decision makers; this is a proportional response to inflation, product supply and demand, unemployment, and technology trends. […]