IT Consulting Expert Reclaimed Prized Customer Conversations [CASE STUDY]


IT Consulting Expert Reclaimed Prized Customer Conversations


The Client is a seasoned technology services provider and prides itself with a 17-year experience in e-retail services and 16 years of providing non-stop technology consulting solutions. The extensive technology background of their consultants in customizing top solutions for their clients needs enables them to widely cater to different industry types and sizes.

Retail, Manufacturing



As a technology consulting solutions expert, the Client provides a variety of services like catalog management, e-retail design and development, storefront software support, ROI optimization, Google utilization, order and inventory management, SEO, integration, product data feeds, product data cleansing, email marketing and the full service package from evaluation to analysis to tailor the best fitting solution.

The extensive solutions they provide have brought in long-term clients and have resulted to high ROI for the business. However, recent years have seen meager production of new business deals due to some challenges that were caused by the following:

  • The Client’s email marketing strategy that sends out catalogs to prospects via regular email accounts have become less effective, for reasons the Client was not certain of. The percentage of replies decreased from 8-10% to 5-7% in the last two years.
  • Since the catalogs were hardly opened or read by target prospects, the Q&As it contained that were supposed to initially probe the prospect’s concerns have become less usable which slowed down the process of identifying as to whether the target needs custom-built storefront or requires a minor change. Such data is significant in customizing the best solution for the prospect.
  • The preceding root causes bore a bigger problem which impacted the whole prospecting process of the business – fewer client conversations.

The Client opened themselves to options that could possibly address these issues and outsourcing to a lead generation provider came up as the top and most preferred over others like buying/renting lists and adding in-house staff to multiply the job.


Callbox and the Client possess a similar characteristic in terms of prospecting and handling customers – everything goes through evaluation and analysis before customizing the best-fit solution.

To ensure data accuracy, the Callbox team profiled the database. The contact details like email addresses, phone numbers, company name and address, SIC codes and social media accounts were updated.

Email Marketing

You might wonder why the Client still employed Callbox’s email marketing service when they had an in-house process. Well, that’s because they found Callbox’s email marketing tactic much advanced and competitive compared to theirs. Callbox utilized its Pipeline Lead Nurture Tool to send out the catalogs to prospects. Replies and actions were tracked in real time – website visits, clicked links like the Q&A and download of the query forms.


Replies and actions tracked were set as priority for the agent to call in order to probe further on the prospect’s concerns and set appointments for them with the Client’s sales consultants. Note that the consultants already have the knowledge about the prospect’s concerns prior to the appointment as all actions and queries – made via web, phone or email – were shared with them by the Callbox team.

To ensure that a solid appointment is set between the prospect and the Client’s consultant, the agent sent out a follow-up email to the prospect stating acknowledgement of the recent follow-up call and confirmation of the appointment. Along with the email, a calendar event is set copying both the prospect and the consultant to avoid missed appointments.


The email marketing campaign yielded a total of 720 replies out of the 4500 sent, a 50% increase from the previous average percentage from the Client’s in-house email marketing process.

Out of the 720 replies (website visits, clicked links, downloaded forms), 6% or 44 solid appointments were delivered while the remaining 676 were warm follow-ups that were worth nurturing.

Of the 44 leads, the Client was able to close 5 deals and is looking into 3 more closes before the year ends, pegging the close ratio for Callbox leads at an impressive 18%. The total of 8 closes would result to additional revenue for the Client upwards of $250,000.

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