Callbox Data Profiling A Major Coup for Exhibition Leader [CASE STUDY]


Callbox Data Profiling: A Major Coup for Exhibition Leader


Client information


The Client is an exhibition and conference pioneer that withstood time and tide to become Singapore’s top and most successful trade event organizer today. They stage trade exhibitions that provide dynamic platforms for effective networking and business opportunity growth to the largest and longest-running key industry sectors in the region.


Singapore, Malaysia & Philippines


Communications, Engineering, Lifestyle, Mining, Construction & Building, Plastic & Rubber, Machinery, Processing & Packaging


ICT Professionals, CEO, CIO, CTO, IT Managers, Manufacturing Professionals


Their four-decade reign as the leader in the exhibition industry brought numerous recognition from different award-giving bodies like the Exhibition City Approved International Fair (AIF) Scheme and the Singapore Business Events Awards. Such has gained them much trust from the industry sectors they serve and increased their clientele list over the years.

Indestructible they may seem to have lived with a four-decade trade leadership in the region, what good reason did they have to still take the option to enterprise telemarketing into their current strategies? Why not stick with the conventional, but proven effective scheme of 40 long years?


  • Successfully rolled out multiple call-to-invite campigns targeting professionals across a range of industries
  • Expanded The Client’s list which resulted to a wider market reach and more attendees
  • Updated and refined The Client’s database for future events and campaigns


Call-to-invite campaign results



Campaign 1

The first couple of Call-to-Invite projects aimed to gather attendees for Asia’s largest and most comprehensive business networking event for the Global ICT industry, which was participated in by international satellite communications and services companies in Asia, and professionals from Broadcast, Production, Post Production, Digital Media, Entertainment, Houses of Worships, System Integrators, Rental Houses, and Education.

The event was not launched for mere knowledge enrichment and ideas sharing purposes for the attendees, but a plenitude of beneficial platforms for ICT professionals was introduced like Big Data Analytics, Cloud, eGovernment, eServices, Security, Smartcard/RFID, and Wearables. Also featured were the latest technologies in 3D Printing, IoT, M2M, Mobile Apps, OTT and more.

Campaign 2

The second wave campaign engaged key prospects in the manufacturing industry to access the latest precision engineering and machine tool technologies available in the global market, and key prospects from the international oil and gas industry to showcase a comprehensive product innovation.

Local parts and components manufacturers and service providers showcased their expertise at the Capabilities Hub, which brought prospective buyers closer to the suppliers via a single platform.

How Callbox streamlined the success

The preceding call-to-invite campaigns were successfully rolled out by the Callbox team which made abounding progress in the client’s database. Both Callbox and the exhibition leader were responsible team players in completing the project thru multitouch, multichannel marketing tools, and strategies.

The Callbox Pipeline, Callbox’s Lead Management, and Marketing Automation platform stored the client’s big amount of data. The callers updated the contacts with the most current information they uncovered during the call outs. Hitting two birds with a single stone – callers invited the prospects to attend the event and preregistered them on the client’s behalf and updated/profiled the list at the same time.

The Lead Nurturing Tool was activated. A scheme was customized to send out email invites to prospects, and once the invite was opened and read, a notification prompted the callers to do a follow-up call and get the prospect pre-registered.

DM Outreached. Client’s own database came up to nearly 20,000, but almost 50% of that number was deemed “Un-contactable”. Both Callbox and the client agreed to add target contacts/job titles for the expansion of the list which resulted in a wider market reach and more email invites sent to target prospects.

Campaign 3

As a follow-up, a profiling campaign was set off by the client which aimed to not only keep their database accurate, profiled and cleansed, but to prep things up for the next coming edition of events, and which this exhibition expert sets to run again with Callbox.


Campaign 1

Results of Campaign 1

Campaign 2

Results of campaign 2

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