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The Secret to Content Marketing Lies in Distribution [GUEST POST]

Companies, especially B2B companies, are investing tons of resources into their content marketing. But, as stated by a SiriusDecisions survey, 60% of content created by B2B companies never get used. So there’s clearly a problem. B2B companies are proficient in creating content, but aren’t able to utilize it effectively. Once a piece of content has […]

What to do After a Horrible Sales Call? [VIDEO]

How fast can you bounce back when you can’t find the right words to say during a sales call? A bad sales call can turn into a nightmare and ruin a potential sale. You must know how to take proper precautions to be able to recover. Let’s admit it. Everyone will experience having a bad […]

8 Clever WordPress Design Tricks to grab your Visitor’s Attention

Today, websites have become a commanding way to promote businesses. It can be used as a marketing tool, a way of communication or a platform for branding. The design of your website will play a vital role on how users will perceive your brand. It is proven on researches that a well-built, informative and organized […]