Effective Ways To Maximize Your Company’s Business Cards [GUEST POST]

Effective Ways To Maximize Your Company’s Business Cards

Examine your wallet right now, and you’ll probably find at least one business card hiding within its folds. Even though your business card measures a mere 2 by 3.5 inches (5 by 9 cm), it remains a powerful marketing tool you can use to create new sales for your company. Improve its effectiveness in several ways.

Prioritize Brand Consistency

For your business card to do its job, people should connect it with your brand. Prioritize consistency when you include colors and other brand elements from your company’s website, letterhead, and other marketing materials.

Embrace a Unique Design

Dozens of online sources offer business cards, however, you want to stand out. Check out your competitor’s business cards, and hire a graphic designer to create one that’s totally unique.

Feature your Unique Selling Proposition

Advertise your story on your business card. The fact that your gluten-free cupcakes earned a taste test award or that you’re a small business tax expert helps you stand out from your competition.

Utilize Both Sides

One side of your business card will include your logo and contact information. Instead of leaving the other side blank, though, include relevant information that’s useful for your customers and clients, such as:

  • Product pictures
  • Offers, discounts or coupons
  • Company or product reviews
  • Quotes
  • Annual calendar
  • Fun facts about your company or industry

Create a Memento

To ensure your business card gets used, give it a secondary purpose. People are more likely to keep your card if it also serves as a bookmark, magnet, sticker, scratch card, event ticket, or other mementos.

Add a QR Code

As you hand out your business cards, you may wonder if they make a difference. Add a QR code to your cards so you can track how often potential customers check out your company’s website. Use the data to tweak your business card design.

Include Contact Information

The people who receive your business card will need a way to get in touch with you. If possible, include your email address, phone number, website, social media details, and physical address if you operate a brick-and-mortar location. Otherwise, include the website address or video channel where customers can find additional ways to contact you.

Update Cards as Needed

While you could cross out old information on your business cards, that look is unprofessional. Order updated cards when your contact information or other business details change.

Carry Business Cards at all Times

Your business cards can’t work for you unless you carry them with you at all times. Then, you can give cards to prospective customers, your taxi driver, or any potential customer you meet throughout the week.

Add Business Cards to Mailings

When you pay bills, mail invoices, and ship packages for your business, drop a business card into each envelope or shipment. This strategy gives your customers another reminder to contact you.

Utilize Community Bulletin Boards

In grocery stores, restaurants, and businesses around town, you may find dozens of community bulletin boards. Post a few cards on each board to share your company with people in your community.

Record Appointments on the Back

Calendar, memo, and productivity apps help your customers record appointments, but you can also include a reminder on your business cards. After scheduling an appointment with your client, write the appointment date, time, and location on the back of the card. Your customer can then place the card on their refrigerator or clip it to their desk calendar where they’ll have your contact information within easy reach at all times.

Partner with Other Professionals

As a business owner, you know many other professionals who work in non-competing but related industries. Partner with these professionals and distribute each other’s cards to prospective customers.

Provide Business Cards to your Employees

All the employees in your company play a role in boosting exposure and sales. Give them personalized business cards to hand out everywhere they go. To improve ROI, challenge employees to come up with creative distribution ideas.

Use a Sturdy Storage Solution

Purchase a plain, fancy, or branded metal business card case to protect your advertising tools. Remember that a wrinkled or torn card sends the wrong message to customers.

With your business cards, you can effectively market your company. Use these ways to maximize your business cards and boost sales.

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