B2B Logistics firm Wins $6 Million in New Sales from Callbox Campaign [CASE STUDY]

Watch this short video to learn how Callbox helped a B2B logistics provider expand in a new market and close high-value deals faster.

This Pittsburg, PA-based logistics company has over 40 years providing managed freight, shipping, and storage services. It recently started expanding in the “last mile” segment by implementing a full spectrum customer acquisition plan.

The company needed help with top-of-funnel marketing activities, so it could focus on conversions in later funnel stages. Callbox became its outsourced marketing partner and launched a targeted appointment setting campaign that combined phone, email, LinkedIn, and AdWords.

The Client was able to close 3 of the Callbox-generated appointments as new customers, bringing in a total of $6 million in new sales.

Check out this video to see how we helped the Client achieve these strong results.


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