Don’t Waste a Moment! See Sample Cold Calling Scripts

Don’t Waste a Moment! See Sample Cold Calling Scripts

This is How a Cold Calling Script Should Be.

When writing a campaign script, one has to take note of the campaign’s main objective. Whether you are to gather factual information for a lead generation campaign, book a prospect for an appointment-setting campaign, or register attendees for an upcoming event, your script must contain keywords and substantial ideas—which we will discuss further below, that would stir up the prospect’s interest, otherwise, you’ll be putting all your cold call efforts into waste.

But before we dive into the nitty-gritty of crafting an effective cold calling script, let’s review the basics (But if you’re in a hurry, skip to the script, or download free sales call templates). Check out these sample cold calling scripts we’ve compiled to level up your cold calling efforts.

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What Does Cold Calling Mean?

Cold calling is an essential part of many sales strategies in B2B lead generation. It is a sales technique that involves reaching out to potential customers who have not yet shown interest in your product or service. It’s like introducing yourself to a stranger at a party and striking up a conversation to see if you have anything in common.

While cold calling can be a challenging and time-consuming process, it can also be an opportunity to connect with new prospects and generate leads for your business. The key is to approach the conversation with a professional yet engaging tone that captures the potential customer’s attention and builds rapport.

Think of it as a chance to showcase your personality and passion for your product or service. Remember to be confident, friendly, and respectful, and always keep the customer’s needs and interests in mind.

Stir Up Your Prospect’s Interest: The Keywords + Substantial Ideas

Stirring up your prospect’s interest is key to a successful cold call. But how do you do it? One effective way is by using a combination of keywords and substantial ideas. Check it out below.



Keywords are the words or phrases that are most relevant to your product or service. They are the terms that your prospect is most likely to use when searching for a solution to their problem. By incorporating these keywords into your cold call script, you can grab your prospect’s attention and make them more interested in what you have to offer.

  • Power words to express courtesy like “Please”, “Thank you”, “That’s good to know
  • Terms from which industry your service/product belongs. For example, if you are calling on behalf of a financial institution, choose words that are familiar to the prospect like loans, security & interest rate, annual turnover, etc.
  • Assuring words or phrases like ”sure”,  “no worries”, and “you are right”, can boost the prospect’s morale and would feel that his opinions and ideas are accepted.

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Substantial Ideas

Substantial ideas

But simply using keywords isn’t enough. You also need to provide substantial ideas that demonstrate how your product or service can help your prospect solve their problem or achieve their goals. These ideas should be specific and tailored to your prospect’s needs and pain points.

Meaty and persuasive. Your script must contain all the important information regarding your offering and how beneficial it would be for the prospect.

  • The branding carries your company’s identity which is your ticket to ride through the call.
  • The purpose of the call is the key to grabbing the prospect’s attention. “I’m calling about a new software that could lessen manpower but multiply production at a lower cost.” – position a benefit so that you could get hold of the prospect’s interest to discuss further.
  • Be keen to mention exact and correct details like a person’s name, company names, and addresses, email information, phone numbers, dates and figures, date and time, product and service.

Campaign scripts differ.

Script Formats According to the Person You Speak

Each campaign cold calling script is written based on the campaign type and its objective. The basic components may differ in format depending on the person you speak with (the gatekeeper/operator and the prospects/decision maker) and the campaign type.

Format #1: For The Gatekeeper/Operator

  • greeting
  • introduction
  • branding
  • purpose
  • contact information gathering
  • closing
Sample calling script for the gatekeepers and operators

Format #2: For the Prospect/Decision Maker

  • greeting
  • introduction
  • branding
  • purpose of the call
  • qualifying/probing questions
  • setting up of appointment/meeting
  • contact information gathering
  • closing
Sample calling scripts for the prospects and decision-makers

Script Formats According to Campaign Type

When it comes to cold calling, having a well-crafted script can make all the difference in achieving your desired results. However, not all campaigns are the same, and therefore, not all script formats will work for every situation. Here are some common scripts for cold calling based on campaign type:

Lead Generation Campaign

A simple lead generation campaign may require just a few important pieces of information from the prospect and often would not have probing questions in terms of budget and need. Most of this type is purposed to send a whitepaper, conduct a survey, or profile contacts.

script for contact persons: business owners

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Appointment Setting Campaign

The goal of an appointment-setting campaign is to schedule a meeting with a potential customer. The script for this type of campaign should be concise and to the point, focusing on the benefits of your product or service and how it can help the prospect. The cold calling scripts for appointment setting should also include a clear value proposition and a strong call to action to schedule the meeting.

This type of campaign script contains assumptive clauses with possible rebuttals.

Budget, need and timeframe are the most common qualifiers.

Sample scripts for contact persons: Manager, CEOs, and directors

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Call-to-Invite Campaign

A call-to-Invite campaign script aims to gather attendees for an event. Event details, registration links, and processes are emphasized in the script.

Sample scripts for contact persons: IT manager, finance manager, accounts managers, administration manager

A campaign script serves as a guideline in order for the agent to deliver the spiel smoothly and confidently. It may be most of the time very technical, but telemarketers have to be innovative and creative in delivering the details based on the script, to keep a professionally trusting composure.

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Sales Campaigns 

The goal of a sales campaign is to close a deal and convert the prospect into a paying customer. The script for this type of campaign should be persuasive and focused on the unique selling proposition of your product or service. It should also address any objections that the prospect may have and provide solutions to their problems. The script should include a clear call to action to purchase or sign up for the product or service.

Sample scripts for sales campaign

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Customer Retention Campaigns 

The goal of a customer retention campaign is to keep your existing customers engaged and satisfied with your product or service. The script for this type of campaign should be personalized and focused on addressing any issues or concerns that the customer may have. The script should also include a clear call to action to provide feedback or refer others to your business.

Sample Scripts for Customer Retention

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To sum it up, having a well-crafted script that is tailored to the specific campaign type can greatly improve your chances of success in cold calling. Remember to keep your script concise, persuasive, and focused on addressing the needs and concerns of your prospect.

Keep in mind that these are just cold call script examples, and you should personalize them to fit your business and your prospect’s needs. The most important thing is to be confident, persuasive, and respectful of your prospect’s time.

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Final Thought

While cold calling can be an effective sales tactic, it’s important to remember that it is just one piece of the sales puzzle. To maximize your success, it’s important to incorporate other sales and marketing strategies, such as content marketing and a multichannel marketing approach—email campaigns and social media outreach, to create a comprehensive and cohesive sales strategy.

B2B cold calling script must clearly and effectively describe who you are, your company, the product you offer, and how it will benefit the prospect and his business. Keywords and ideas should be highlighted, which would leave the essentials in the prospect’s subconscious, translating their desire and interest into verbal or gestured reactions.

That’s how cold calling scripts get spotlighted.

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