IT Consulting Leads: Finding New Business for Your Tech Consulting Firm

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We’ve all been there before, we’re stuck in front of our monitors, and we’ve found that we’ve run out of leads. The feeling can happen in any industry and looking for new IT consulting leads is not insulated from this.

Take it from us; there is no such thing as running out of leads, we’ve solved this problem in the past. In this article, we’ll show you how you can find, nurture and make the most out of the leads you have.

Are you stuck in a rut and have run out of IT consulting leads? Then, this article is designed for you.

Getting New IT Consulting Leads

Like any lead generation or lead nurturing campaign, the IT industry does not really differ if you really think about it. The basics are pretty much still the same.

There are a couple of ways of generating new leads. If you are still a new startup then you have no choice but to really go out in the field to meet new people. Events are a great place to start and you should also look into creating sales funnels using your own name as your main vehicle for representation.

Build a LinkedIn profile and connect with the movers and shakers in your particular niche, then harness these connections in generating leads. Make sure that you are an accurate representation of what your brand is trying to sell. And, of course, include your landing page somewhere in your bio.

Segment and Categorize

We’re sure you’ve got a list of people that you’re ready to tap into, but how many of these people can you reach? It is at this time that you can utilize the principles of account-based marketing and create campaigns explicitly designed for them.

Instead of spending your time looking for new leads, why don’t you try to win some of the people that are already on your list with segmented campaigns?

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The Traditional Email Campaign

Say what you want about email, but we can tell you that it still works. Once you’ve segmented your list, create value in the emails you send. Remember to integrate your email efforts with a proper CRM application so that you can automate and monitor with ease.

Take after the lessons of ABM and make sure that you personalize your campaigns with each niche market segment that you are targeting. This makes your email campaigns more effective.

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Building Up a Repertoire on Social Media

You can harness the power of social media to create sales funnels as we’ve mentioned earlier. Platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn are great places to start.

Join groups and make sure you’re connected with the right type of people. Don’t push sales on anyone, but instead make sure that you’re active enough that you build a reputation as a thought leader in your industry.

Of course, you still have to optimize your profile – make sure everything is filled out and that you are representing your industry well – but this is a long-term strategy for building sales commitments that are centered on relationships.

You can’t be too sales-y here, but you will find that you can quickly generate leads by just engaging with people.

Content Matters

If you want to establish yourself as a resource for valuable information, then the type of content that you release should speak volumes about your company.

Engage in interactive content marketing whenever you can.

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Retargeting Maneuvers

There’s this phrase that digital marketers use called “pre-suasion” and it’s the act of trying to market to a certain client base before you even put forward your proposal. It works by getting your brand in front of them before you even meet with them.

You can utilize a retargeting strategy to make sure that your message appears on their screens when you’re not around. It involves a nifty ad campaign, but we can tell you that it works because even we have tried it before.

You can utilize ad retargeting – even with video – in various social media platforms.

Retargeting for tech companies

Example banner ad

Landing Pages

How optimized are your landing pages? Are you sure that your CTA buttons are built in a certain way? Are your forms too long? If your lead generation pipeline breaks during the conversion stage, then you won’t be doing your business any good when it comes to actual conversion.

example landing page for IT consulting

Which leads us to…

The Feedback Process

Make sure that you record feedback correctly and that you monitor your analytics in order to ensure that you can tweak your campaigns for the better. Get your Google Analytics on point and learn.

This is the opportunity for you to do split testing, too, and it allows you to become more efficient and effective with your resources.

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So there you have it, a few simple ways that you can develop new leads for your IT consulting business!

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