Utilize a Data-Driven Approach to Generate Technology Leads

Utilize a Data-Driven Approach to Generate Technology Leads

The modern consumer is much more self-directed because of the wealth of information they can get not only from the Internet but also from other people around the world through the various social media platforms. In fact, Forrester revealed in their survey that 74 percent of the B2B buyers conduct online research first before they decide to buy.

If buyers rely on every piece of data they can find to make a purchase, then companies should all the more adopt a data-driven approach in their IT lead generation campaigns. When vendors apply a data-driven marketing mindset, both seller and buyer reach a more informed decision.

Data-driven marketing, however, is more than just using your customers’ information. It also means using and activating data in an automated or semi-automated manner, giving you more creative strategy.

Data  is Power

Data gives you knowledge; thus, data gives you power as a marketer. Your marketing strategy becomes even more powerful if you have the right information in your hands. Armed with that information, you can create a scalable marketing process that can be repeated and can run on auto-pilot. As a result, you have more time in your hands, allowing you to focus more on testing and optimization.

Data also removes any guesswork that exists allowing you to target the right customers and create messages that are both relevant and valuable to your target audience.

The sad truth, however, is only a few marketers can use data effectively. A report released by TrustRadius revealed that there is a big disconnect between the vendor and the buyer in the B2B technology.

However, here’s the good news: there is always room for growth and improvement. So to help you fully utilize the people-first approach, we have prepared five creative marketing tips for your IT lead generation campaign.

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#1 Provide customized and personalized hands-on experience

According to the report from TrustRadius,  around 75 percent of the buyers said that demo products have a significant impact on their purchasing decision. Trial versions enable the customer to experience and evaluate the product before buying it. Data can help you create a more personalized demo or trial version that directly addresses that specific customer’s needs. Conversely, they do not want a trial version that seems biased or too general.

#2 Encourage customer participation

Make your happy customers feel more loved and valuable by allowing them to participate in case studies and testimonials. You can use the data from customer feedback as a reference for your product strategy or make improvements to your existing products and services. You can also make them a reference contact for other prospects, saving you money in marketing.

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#3 Create valuable personalized content

According to the same report from TrustRadius, many customers think that most of the content created by businesses have only one goal – to convince them to buy rather than address their pain point.

Businesses should remember that for their clients, valuable means more than facts and figures. Instead, it should be something that helps them solve the problem they have at hand.

That can be addressed by creating more personalized content for each target. This strategy sends a message that you care enough about your customers because you had taken the time to study their needs and find a solution for that.

#4 Encourage customer review in third-party review sites

Encouraging your customers to review your product or service in other third-party review sites brings customer participation to another level. First, it sends a message that you are confident of your product. Second, you can use the data from those reviews to have honest feedback on the limitations and advantages of your product or service.

#5 Design a nurturing strategy for a more personalized experience

The TrustRadius report revealed that 89 percent of the buyers were influenced by the vendor to make the purchase. According to them, they feel the vendor is more of a strategic partner than just a seller. These businesses offered extended trials, conducted on-site visits, provided customization options and real data, and demonstrated ROI.

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It’s Your Turn

Many companies are reaping the benefits of data-driven marketing and advertising. If it’s your first time, you can start with the tips we shared and develop your strategy as you go along the way. Just remember, this is not a one-time deal but a continuous effort to add more value to your customers.

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