Why a DIY Lead Generation Can Kill Your Business


You can get almost any kind of information on the Internet — from the most useless trivia to building a house. For this reason, a lot of people embark on DIY projects although the results are not always positive. Companies, too, are jumping into the DIY route especially when it comes to lead generation, thinking they can save more when they do.

However, not all DIY projects ended happily and satisfactorily. You can see memes of DIY disasters all over the Internet. Who could miss the “expectation vs. reality” GIFs?

It’s the same with B2B businesses – you’ll never know whether your DIY lead gen campaign can end up well or not. Unless you already have a dedicated in-house lead gen team, doing a DIY is a dangerous business. Worse, it can even kill your business.

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Here’s why:

Lead Generation Takes Time

The significant and long-lasting impact of your lead generation efforts takes time. It will require you to invest a great deal of your time and effort before you see any tangible results.

In the same way, DIY lead generation will take the same amount of time and effort or even more. If you don’t have a lead gen team, you might soon see that you are spreading yourself or your staff (whoever is assigned to) too thinly. You might even get distracted away from the main core of your business.

Sometimes, you might be able to meet the rigors of a lead gen campaign at the beginning but have difficulty following up since it will require a great deal of attention. Moreover, lead generation campaigns need a significant amount of learning curve that will consume more time before you can apply them practically.

Find out the cost of DIY lead generation.

Lead Generation Requires Specialized Technology

Your business might be using a variety of technologies and platforms that have different functions.

Here’s the question, though —

How many marketing-specific tools does your company use?

The answer varies on the size of your business but if you are a small business, the answer is most probably very few or none at all.

If you are already struggling with your tools, how can you expect your lead gen campaign to be successful?

On the other hand, hiring a third party to take on your lead generation places you above ground. (Learn how to better manage outsourced B2B lead generation services)

One, experts and specialists are in charge. These don’t have just the skills, but they have years of experience. In other words, they don’t rely on guesswork but data and analytics.

Two, they have the tools and cutting-edge technologies sparing you from investing hundreds or even thousands of dollars on additional tools and software.

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Lead Generation Can Slow You Down (If Done Incorrectly)

If your business is experiencing growth, you will need more people. The hiring process can impede your growth because you need time to look for the right person to handle the additional responsibilities. On the other hand, the growing work can overwhelm you, and you could hire the wrong person because of haste.

If you have managed lead gen, however, you can add qualified experts within a short span. They can easily integrate with your company flow with little or no supervision needed. It saves you money from training new staff and needless errors.

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Lead Generation is Dynamic

Because consumers are different and they can change their minds quickly, and also because strategies need to evolve, you can’t be stagnant with your lead generation campaign. You need to bring it to the next level, and that’s where the pipeline strategy comes in.


Pipeline strategy analyzes marketing and sales data, so your goals and decisions are based on revenue. A reputable lead generation service is well-qualified to use this strategy to keep your sales up and generate revenue for your business.

More so, these experts have the flexibility to adjust according to the changes in businesses by increasing or decreasing your leads according to your requirements.

Don’t DIY; It’s Time to Call the Experts

Why attempt a DIY and place the business you have worked for at high risk when you can have experts and professionals who have the technology and experience that will bring your business to the next level?

Talk to one today to enjoy the benefits and stay ahead of your competition!

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