Activities That Will Draw New Clients To Your Medical Billing Business

Activities That Will Draw New Clients To Your Medical Billing Business

2018 has marked the year of a lot of developments in digital marketing and as marketing develops dynamically into a multifaceted force in the digital world, so have lead generation campaigns for niche industries such as medical billing.

In this article, we will be discussing some of the ways that you can reach more people with your physical and online marketing activities in your start in the medical billing industry.

It can be daunting to attract customers, especially in a particular niche, but with just a little effort, it can be done efficiently and effectively. So read on and find out what you can do to generate more leads for your medical billing company.

#1 In This Industry, Referrals Are King, But Don’t Be Afraid To Reach Out

We were all the new kids at many points in time. Think of this industry as a professional schoolyard and you are new. You have to put your name out there and show people who you are and what you’re made of. Most of the most potent connections that you will make will come from past clients, but if you are dealing with no clients, then you should make the first move.

Determine who exactly your market is and focus your efforts on that market. If you thought this business was a niche, you have to consider the different medical “niches” that you can go after, too.

Contact associations and introduce yourself and what you can offer. You will need something substantial to prove your worth, too. This is where you can get creative and think of the things that you can provide because you’re new. You can sponsor if you have the cash to blow, but if you’re on a tight budget, being helpful to associations and going to events will do wonders in the long run.

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#2 Take Your Activities Online

Do some keyword research and find out if people in your area (or in your district or country) are actively searching for a keyword that shows buyer intent for your services and build a website.

In today’s world, even the simplest things are things people search for, and it’s better if you appear out of nowhere in their search results than nowhere at all. Ensure proper SEO on your site to make the best out of your campaigns and consistently try to rank for the first page of the SERP.

While you’re at it why don’t you start a little social media campaign and produce relevant content that you think doctors will like, it might be a way of reaching out. If it gets shared, you’ll have started the lead generation process without even having had your material in front of the person making decisions.

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#3 The Cold-er Touch To Your Activities

If cold calling produces a little anxiety, then you should not be alarmed. You are not alone. A lot of people hate the cold call method not only is it so demanding in time and resources, but it also requires a particular workforce to execute. However, its power cannot just be disregarded.

Do not limit yourself to cold calls, but use the technology around you to get your name out there. By now you would already be familiar with the tremendous effects of email campaigns that are properly run, so use these at your disposal.

Introduce yourself in your emails and give them value.

Pro Tip:

Adding value does not mean giving away your service for free, but instead establishing a way for your potential customers to recognize you as a potential market leader that knows what they are doing. This means putting in content that can serve as a lead magnet. An article, an infographic, or even a spreadsheet calculator is a great example.

However, you will also have to realize the nature of a physician’s office, because they differ from more traditional businesses and this is an entirely different industry. You have to be ready to adapt.

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#4 Don’t Stop Connecting With People

This may strike you as a no-brainer, but there should be a constant effort in your marketing activities. This is a great niche, but every niche has stiff competition, and the competition in this field can get fierce.

Add value and character to all your marketing efforts, determine your edge, and work relentlessly to outclass your competition.

There is a lot of value in working in a specific niche, but we must not forget that no matter how lucrative a niche can be, there is still a lot of adapting and tweaking to get your message across.

Discover the trends in medical billing and boost your sales!


With a proper marketing and strategic plan in place, the determination to make the appropriate connections, and a little imagination, you will be scoring a lot of leads in no time at all.

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