Effective Lead Generation Channels to Watch For (In Case You Missed Them)

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Digital marketing, or marketing in general, is highly dependent on using different techniques to facilitate the acquisition of leads and their proper conversion into sales.

However, with the advent of new technology, lead generation has become a process that has continued to reinvent itself. In fact, it is so dynamic that sometimes we end up in a haze just trying to keep up with the times.

In this short article, we will be discussing a few of lead generation channels that are worth your valuable time.

Why is Lead Generation Important?

In order for us to properly understand the importance of lead generation, you will have to remember two things:

  1. Lead generation is a measurable factor that can determine the effectiveness of your marketing campaign, and;
  2. It can potentially lead to revenue.

Lead Generation Channels We Should Keep Our Eyes On

Search Engine Optimization

Do you want people to see you? Then, get visible. There are said to be over 200 different ranking factors that help get you on the first page of a search engine and when is the last time you did an SEO audit on your site?

The Internet is powered by search engines and keywords that indicate buyer intent, so what better of getting your name out there and getting people to visit than by being around when they are looking for what you offer.

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Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are one of the most powerful tools that we have in our arsenal and their veracity to generate, follow up, and create leads is unbridled. However, what are you doing with your email campaigns lately?

In the last two decades, email marketing has been such a powerful tool that it has not left the holster of any seasoned marketer. It has in fact grown with time and it’s probably time that you forget your preconceived notions of email marketing and read on.

The aim of the game is personalized automation. First of all, everyone is sick of spammy emails that are trying to target anyone and everyone, we all crave a little attention and so do the customers we are targeting. The latest technologies that we have today make personalization easier, couple this with selected mailing lists and you’re almost all set to go.

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However, don’t forget automation. Automation allows for you to send these highly targeted pieces of electronic correspondence to your targets with a click of a button, they automate everything from follow-ups, to even tracking if an email has been opened or not. They also sift through customer behavior and help you create better pieces.

Want to succeed? Step up your email game.

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Social Media Marketing

Everyone from the person who just served you lunch to your grandma uses social media nowadays, and its prevalence has made lead generation a live game with a pseudo-level playing field for everyone.

There are plenty of ways to target customers and generate leads using social media, and it does not only stop at running targeted ad programs.

The things your company and your product does on social media describes its personality to the internet world and it helps create a brand that is both alive and real. From your rich media content to the advice that you give out, everything works hand in hand in order to develop your social media lead generation campaign.

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Rich Media and Content Marketing

Create content that captivates and provides information, and disseminate them. This includes infographics, share-worthy posts, informational content, tutorial videos, calculators, spreadsheets, etc.

This signals to the people assimilating your content that you are indeed someone who is of value and a leader in the industry. This will develop trust and pretty soon they will be knocking on your door – or website in this case.

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Getting featured on another blog – with a link to your website – is a great way to get some ranking potential (links help you rank) and generate valuable leads. When you get featured on someone else’s blog. It indicates to that person’s followers that you are a person of interest and you have something to show for.

You are essentially being given an entire market to sell your product to. There are a lot of ways you can do this, but whatever you do, do not hard sell to them. Just like content marketing, be a source of information, inspiration, and intelligence and not just jam your product or services onto anyone’s plate.

So there you have it, these lead generation techniques online will save you a lot of time sifting through the myriad of seemingly daunting lead generation tips. They are simple, easy to implement, and downright effective in what they offer.

Remember, lead generation is the aim of the game here. You have to play the game, to win the game.

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