2 Surefire Strategies that Increased My Conversions by 70%


Van, one of our seasoned sales reps here at Callbox thought he’d personally share the 2 things he did to improve his sales conversions – by 70%

As one of Callbox’s sales executives, closing deals was one of the biggest challenges I encountered. But over the years, there are two things I’ve learned when it comes to prospect engagement and closing deals. 

It starts with the mindset of not treating your prospects as transactions. Yes, you want to make a sale and increase your sales stats – that’s a given. But there’s a problem with treating prospects as mainly statistics — we lose empathy. 

However, when I changed that mindset, it opened me up to learning strategies that work.

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Listen and Ask Questions

A good closer is not aggressive, pushy, or unethical — even when you’re excited about closing the deal.
– Van Salang

A good closer is not aggressive, pushy, or unethical — even when you’re excited about closing the deal.

People are not transactions nor are they statistics. 

They come to us because they have a problem or pain and they believe we have the solution. So start helping them, making them feel that you genuinely care. 

Instead of selling, I do the opposite — I keep quiet and let them talk about their existing pain points and difficulties. I ask questions that allow me to learn more about them and their challenges. In that way, I can effectively demonstrate how our services will benefit them.

Understanding their present position and them showing how we can assist them is a winning strategy.

Here’s one helpful tip when you ask questions — know when and how to ask them. In other words, timing is very important and the only way to perfect that is to listen to your prospects. 

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Giving the Perfect Quotation

Callbox has standard rates but a good closer should be flexible by providing customized pricing that fits the client budget. 

Our pricing guideline is just that — a guide. Don’t follow it to the letter, especially after speaking with the prospect and learning of their situation. 

This is the newest strategy I’ve been using with my clients. Instead of basing my proposal on our standard pricing, I factor in their sales cycle, the total number of sales reps, geographical presence, and other scopes of work. 

When you actively listen, you can give the exact  solution they need, especially when you’re on a proposal review
– Van Salang

Again, the art of listening is at play here. When you actively listen, you can give the exact  solution they need, especially when you’re on a proposal review. You’ll be able to explain and justify the quotation you’ve given them. It always works 70% most of the time.

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Final Thoughts

I’d say that what I shared is a very basic and common strategy. However, a lot of salespeople miss them because they do most of the talking. They think that if they talk more, they show their expertise and knowledge. But experience has taught me that isn’t the case. 

Talking a lot doesn’t close sales but actively listening does. 

And I feel great not just because I closed the deal but because my clients were happy to find a solution. At the end of the day, it’s very encouraging to hear them tell me that I have helped them.

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