From Feet on the Street to Digital: 3 Sales Tips That Never Left

From Feet on the Street to Digital: 3 Sales Tips That Never Left

So our BDM, Mike Carter has this to say when we asked him about his views on selling in the digital age.

As a salesperson for more than three decades – from selling Kirby Vacuums in the ‘80s, starting my financial firm back in ‘96, and now as Business Development Manager at Callbox – I’ve had the opportunity to experience the shift from “feet on the street” to digital selling. While the methods, strategies, and technologies may seem worlds apart, the core concepts have remained the same. Let’s go over the 3 elements of B2B sales that have withstood the times and why they’ll always matter.

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1. Relationship building

People buy from those who they enjoy talking with and the sales journey that you take them on. If you know what potential obstacles may be in front of you, always address them at the beginning, as once you close the door on obstacles, it will make your sales cycle much smoother. Always make sure that you present with a logical sense that addresses their desires, so it becomes a no-brainer why they should buy from you.

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2. Building rapport

If people like you and enjoy talking to you, they will want to do business with you. Finding a hook, meaning, get to know your contact with gentle probing to find out what they need/desire, and could benefit from. Once you find a strong need/desire, the hook is to show them how they can acquire it with you.

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3. Focus on your goals

Sales for me is being focused and disciplined and never taking your eye off your goals. Never be afraid to analyze yourself and to give yourself self-critique, until you are consistently producing results, there is always room for improvement. You will know when you are there, reaching your goals, and once you are, never take going forward for granted, as complacency can be your greatest weakness to failure.

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The way we sell will continue to change as we continue to make advancements but as long as we adopt a mentality of helping over selling, we’ll find that customers are more willing to engage and buy.

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