How to Become a Savvy Technology Sales Development Specialist

How to Become a Savvy Technology Sales Development Specialist

If you have been working with technology leads and buyers for quite some time, they are the most challenging and intimidating lot. And if you want to impress them, you need to think like one. 

It does not necessarily mean that you will learn code or other heavy tech stuff behind the product you’re selling. But it boils down to knowing who your customers are and what they truly need.

Narcis Radoi, Head of Business Systems at Hyve Group, said that if you want to sell to tech-savvy people, you need to ask if what you’re selling is necessary to the person

For example, almost every email marketing automation salesperson offers the same thing — my product/service will automate things and make your life easier. 

Automation is good, but it does not work on some things. You cannot automate an individual’s particular language or address a specific need you previously discussed. 

So, where do you go from here?

What Does a Tech-Savvy Specialist Look Like?

In a study conducted by Bain & Company, 80 percent of the 375 participating companies believed that they delivered a “superior value proposition.” Yet, only 8% of the clients of these companies agreed. 

The truth — many buyers have been burned badly by companies who under delivered. So, even if they can see the features and benefits you’ve presented, they either opt out or hesitate because they don’t believe the risk is worth it. 

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In such a scenario, an average salesperson will let go of the prospect. A tech-savvy sales specialist, however, will do two things:

Minimize the risk

Minimize risk

Don’t start by promising results. Everyone has promised them results. Your prospects have to see the process — how they can get from where they are now to the result they want. 

If the buyer tells you they cannot solve a specific issue after trying many times, show them how to solve it using the product/service you’re offering. 

What are the viable possibilities waiting for them? If they haven’t seen that possibility yet, they will thank you for showing them. 

Build a strong ROI case

Profit and revenue matter a lot. However, ROI isn’t solely financial but primarily emotional. It has something to do with desires and fears. 

Here are some questions to help you build a strong case:

  • How much market share would you gain when you implemented these changes?
  • How would it personally affect you if you made this happen?
  • What would you miss if you chose not to move forward with this?
  • How would the Board of Directors evaluate the success of this initiative?
  • If you don’t solve this problem, what kind of difficulties will you have moving forward?

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The Power of Listening 

The Power of Listening

What has listening got to do with being a tech-savvy sales specialist?

A lot but most of all, it drives sales. And if you want to effectively build a strong ROI case and help your prospect avoid the pitfalls, you need to listen. 

Let’s face the truth: salespeople talk too much. Van Resty Salang, our Senior Marketing Consultant, can attest to that. He said that what closes sales is actively listening to your prospects. He has increased his sales by 70% by listening more and talking less.

When you talk a lot, you lose the opportunity to build trust and rapport. It’s pretty simple — no one likes a person who is full of himself. And most people, your prospect included, want someone to listen more to them. 

Listening also helps you uncover the needs your prospect has. Salespeople often approach buyers presenting what they can do for them. We can never stress it enough — it’s not about you and your company, but about the buyer. 

Your goal is not to convince them but to uncover what they need.  

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Wrapping It All Up

Being a tech-savvy sales specialist isn’t just about learning and using the latest tool and software available. It all boils down to identifying your prospects’ needs and convincing them by showing them the viable possibilities waiting for them. And you can effectively do this by learning how to listen more.

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