Email marketing: What does 2022 hold?

The pandemic has taught us that plans can change rapidly. What you predict today could not be accurate tomorrow. To stay ahead of the game, you must keep track of the latest trends regularly.

Several brands modified their strategy to interact and communicate with their customers digitally. As a result, email marketing grew in popularity, and new email trends emerged.

While this is undoubtedly good news, especially given the rise in email newsletter subscriptions, we must proceed with caution. You must adapt to the top trends to keep up with the competition and nail your email marketing strategy.

To better understand what’s new in the email marketing industry, here are 5 trends to look for in 2022:

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Email Marketing – 5 Τrends for 2022 

When considering the future of email marketing, you may have assumed that the open rate will always be a trustworthy indicator of whether or not your emails are successful. So, while this email marketing prediction may come as a shock, open rate tracking is obsolete.

Apple’s new privacy settings, which affect what data brands can track, changed the game. Companies used to track open rates by utilizing pixels that loaded when users opened an email. Apple now preloads all email content, which implies tracking pixels are also preloaded.

As a result, emails appear to be “opened” even though the user never opens them. The IP addresses of subscribers are also hidden from organizations with this upgrade.

Marketers will no longer have the opportunity to track data from Apple users such as:

  • When they open their emails,
  • Where do people open their emails?
  • When a person opens an email, what device do they use?

So, why is all of this important?

On average, 66% of emails are opened on a mobile device. 58% of this percentage use an Apple device. As a result, you won’t reliably track the open rate for most mobile consumers. As a result, the data brands analyze to determine email marketing performance are likely to change. While you may still track open rates for Android and PC users, you may need to change your focus to metrics like click-through rate, email list growth, or unsubscribers for Apple users.

Focus on mobile

As we mentioned earlier, users open 66% of emails on mobile devices. More individuals are using these devices to check through their inboxes and figure out what’s important.

Because of the migration to mobile, you must guarantee that your emails display and perform properly. Your emails should be responsive so that they adjust to the device that a subscriber is using.

Additionally, you have to think of the mobile user while designing your emails. Keep your emails clutter-free and limit the amount of material you include in them so that consumers don’t have to scroll endlessly through them.

If you want high-converting emails in 2022, make sure your readers have an excellent mobile experience. To do that all, you need is an email newsletter software like Moosend to help you craft the perfect email.

The platform offers various high-converting templates to choose the one that best describes your needs. There is a preview option to see the desktop or mobile version and a “send test” option to ensure that your email will reach your recipients’ inbox without any flaws.

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Leverage artificial intelligence (AI)

AI continues to gain traction in marketing, assisting marketers in making more intelligent decisions. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a vital component when it comes to the future of email marketing.

You can utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to help you provide better experiences for your subscribers. AI can analyze thousands of data points and extract valuable insights to help you create strong email marketing campaigns.

This technology enables you to understand client behavior, like how they interact with your content and what they want from you. It’s a terrific tool for identifying trends and changes in your audience so you can make more informed marketing decisions.

When it comes to email trends in 2022, AI is not to be overlooked. This technology will be important in assisting you in developing more targeted and personalized email campaigns.

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Use personalized messaging

When marketers employ subscriber data to design a high-converting email that feels tailored-made for the individual, this is referred to as personalization. 

Personalized emails increase open rates and revenue by as much as 760% because of the relevant content to each subscriber.

Marketers utilize this strategy to move away from email blasts and instead make their subscribers feel unique by gathering essential data (such as a first name) and segmenting them into more specialized lists.

Try to communicate with each one of your subscribers as if they were friends. 

Address your subscribers by their name, send them content they enjoy, and provide them tips that are precisely customized to their requirements. As a result, your subscribers will anticipate receiving your brand’s emails.

Here are six tactics to incorporate customization into your next email campaign:

  1. Personalize your copy: Subscribers appreciate it when you acknowledge them by name. Emails with customized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened.
  2. Personalize your graphics: Personalizing your visuals is another fantastic approach to boost your click-through rates. Photos and videos can be customized based on various data and consumer characteristics.
  3. Personalize your offers: By tailoring your offers, you may enhance click-through rates and conversions. Leverage data to construct customer profiles and then create different content offers for different types of subscribers.
  4. Personalize your product recommendations: You can use a customer’s previous purchases or browsing history. With this information, marketers can design more relevant email campaigns and use relevant cross-sell and up-sell techniques to increase revenue.

Add Interactive Elements in your Emails

An interactive email has the functionality to allow recipients to execute a certain action that the sender wants them to take. Subscribers can add products to their shopping cart, book a flight, and take a quiz directly from their inbox with this email. 

The primary goal of including interactive features in emails is to boost email engagement since engaging material encourages users to communicate. GIFs, graphics, and sliders, in addition to videos, have a significant impact on user interaction. 

Many modern businesses believe that sending promotional messages irritates their customers but that’s not the case. According to Statista, 49% of users don’t mind receiving promotional emails from businesses. 

They also mentioned that they enjoy learning about new products and services from the brands they want. As a result, marketing gurus have various reasons for incorporating interactive emails into your work:

  1. improved sharing; 
  2. higher user engagement; 
  3. better conversion rates; 
  4. more qualified lead generation; 

Now that you know what advantages interactive emails can provide for your company, let’s look at the elements you can utilize and some great examples.

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Videos and Animation

Insert videos or animation and employing specific tools to help people better understand and engage with a product is a common practice. However, remember that not all email clients may support this feature.

If you decide to take a chance and apply this concept, make sure your video file is brief, defaults to mute, and provides value to your core message.

Take a look at the email below. They have a new raincoat line and sent an email with a GIF to show the different colors in greater detail. Subscribers can access the animation by clicking it, and they will be taken to the relevant website.

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Shopping Carts

Do you want your website’s visitors to complete a transaction? Remove any obstacles that may be preventing consumers from making a purchase. Make the ordering process simple, quick, and accessible. It’s a great strategy to include a link to finish the transaction in the email you send.

An example of this tactic is below, allowing users to complete their order directly from the email.

Gamification, Quizzes, and Polls

Because of their similarities, it’s possible to add all three techniques into one group. At some point, most of us have interacted with an entertaining quiz or poll. 

When a brief questionnaire appears, clicking a few buttons and sending the answers does not appear as a waste of time. When asked questions regarding their interests and tastes, a user feels unique.

Take a look at the email above. This demonstrates that the organization is concerned about the demands of each customer. Both gamification and quizzes are great ways to increase user engagement.

Product Carousels

Do you have an excessive number of products or services to offer? Then combining numerous images of your best-selling or new products into a carousel is a fantastic idea.

You can modify them by adding prices, discounts, and descriptions. Image carousels are an excellent approach to alert customers about offers and turn your visitors into customers with just one click.

The Takeaway

Email marketing is a never-ending process and to be successful you need to be up-to-date with the latest trends and leverage every strategy to create effective campaigns.

Upon 2022, new strategies arise, and you need to have a solid arsenal of tactics to make email marketing efficient for your business and increase your revenue and customer engagement.

Pay attention to Apple’s updates and mobile design. Apart from that, ensure you implement AI to make data-driven decisions and personalize to create a strong email list full of highly engaged users.

Last but not least, use interactive content to differentiate your brand from competitors and create meaningful emails that focus on providing value.

This article is a solid foundation for the upcoming year, so take some time to digest all the information and create your next successful email marketing campaign

Until the next one, keep sending emails.

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