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How Successful Tech Companies Leverage Outsourced Marketing

Finding the right marketing tools and strategies that would keep them afloat in the competition, is every tech company’s tough pursuit to success. But, lack of insight on resources and reluctance to options may result otherwise.

The talk will go over some case studies that outline solutions that helped address clients’ pain points, and will share insights on how you can explore the vast opportunity that outsourced marketing offers.

The speaker

Rona is Callbox’s Events and PR Manager. She’s responsible for drafting high-converting sales and marketing collaterals that help educate the clients in making wise decisions. Her diverse experience honed her product knowledge and skills which she optimizes as usable content for Callbox and its clients.

Carmi Lañada is Callbox Client Services Manager. She has over eight years of experience planning and handling multi-channel prospecting campaigns for Callbox’s clients in the North American and APAC markets.

Carmi’s in-depth familiarity with the B2B tech buying process and sales cycle nicely complements Charmaine Española’s expertise in content and messaging strategy.

Here’s what you can learn:

  • How outsourced marketing help address tech companies’ pain points
  • Expert’s holistic advice and insights on how you can unleash your potentials by doing less
  • Learn how to use CTAs that actually move prospects to the next stage of the sales cycle
  • How successful tech companies leveraged outsourced marketing and achieved maximum growth

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