Callbox Spotlight: How an AI Consulting Company Increased Sales with Lead Generation

See how telemarketing, email marketing, SMM, and virtual events can generate new business sales opportunities for your business.

Callbox’s Business Development Manager, Jaime Garcia, will share one of our notable client campaigns to highlight the different strategies, resources and tools that led to their success. We’ll go over the goals, pain points/challenges, materials, and approach that helped the client reach, engage and convert the best-fit prospects and leads.

The speaker

Jaime Garcia is the VP of Business Development at Callbox. Being the company’s VP of Operations for several years, he spearheaded planning, coordination, and implementation of client campaigns and activities. He led the team that has been the real center of Callbox’s success for years and now extends his competence as the VP of Business Development. His efficiency in his work has brought success in more and more businesses across industries in the North American Region. Ensuring development and implementation of efficient campaigns and cost-effective systems, Jaime Garcia has always been the best person to secure your business growth.

Here’s what you can learn:

  • How to identify and profile your ideal customers using different types of lead data
  • How to craft your lead generation messaging to generate interest and evoke the best response from prospects. (Templates and copies included)
  • How to use different channels to engage prospects wherever they are

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