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Email to the Rescue: Creative Ideas to Contact, Connect and Convert

🕒 61 minutes

How to Maximize Your Email

When part of your system is disrupted, your whole workflow will be greatly affected and not bring you the right results. Learn how to leverage your Email Marketing as a business strategy at any given circumstance. Get detailed information on how to list preparation, construct your content, the tools you need and the perfect timing to send out your emails.

The speaker

Ben Larry Belgica is Callbox’s Content Manager and works with the SEO and Creative teams in the marketing department. Backed by a rich experience in sales, Ben has a good grasp on closing deals and running campaigns, as well as maintaining good PR with the company’s network partners.

Here’s what you can learn:

  • Harness email to scale up your leads during disruptive situations
  • Leverage tools to reach and stay connected with your target audience
  • Prove impact and ROI by going beyond vanity metrics such as clicks and opens

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