Capture Your Future Customers

Produce Content That Makes Prospects Buy

In this webinar, Ben Larry Belgica, Callbox’s Content Manager, will discuss the most compelling types of marketing and sales enablement content that organizations can use across different marketing channels and how to deliver experiences that guide prospects as they travel the path from discovery to purchase.

The speaker

Ben Larry Belgica is Callbox’s Content Manager. He works with the SEO and Creative teams in the marketing department, ensuring each content and graphic posted on the website are surefire lead magnets. Backed by a rich experience in sales, Ben has a good grasp on closing deals and running campaigns, as well as maintaining good PR with the company’s network partners.

Here’s what you can learn:

  • Different content (types and templates) that you can use across email, social, phone, web, chat and more
  • Creating content for all stages of the buyer’s journey
  • Learn how to use CTAs that actually move prospects to the next stage of the sales cycle
  • Learn how to cut through the content sea of sameness and outsell your competitors

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