Content Marketing: How To Be Continuously Creative

Content marketing is the best way to describe online marketing. No matter what you channel you use on social media, you still use some form of content to get the attention of your business leads. A compelling, well-researched content is the best  material to use, but there is a significant problem when using this type of marketing. What is this challenge? The process of content creation itself. Being creative is the most challenging aspect of using this b2b lead generation strategy.

How can you keep your content creators writing quality content all the time, on time? Here are a few tips:

  • Use Google Alerts, Google Trends, and Google Reader – in their quest to provide the best possible experience for their users, Google has even provided the tools to help content creators to write valuable content for their readers.
  • Curate online content – when you’ve exhausted all your resources and still can’t find any inspiration, you can use the blogs of other people for inspiration. Take an idea from the blog posts of other people you follow and expound on it.
  • Ask for guest posts – everyone needs to take rest every once in a while, and content creators are no different. To keep your blog updated while you get some R&R, why not ask a few of your readers to post? Or maybe someone you know from a forum, or even your offline friends. There are even websites available where you can hire bloggers who guest post for free. By hiring someone to write while you’re away, you can be sure that business leads will still get the value that they keep coming back for from your site.
  • When all else fails—recycle! – There’s nothing wrong about dusting an old article or blog post and using it again. You can talk about how this article sparked the most debate amongst all your blog posts, or how this brought in the most number of conversions for your site. This may even encourage “lurker” business leads to comment about when they first read this article and how they felt then. Ah, nostalgia.

Content creation is an important aspect of online marketing. However, it should be noted that this alone won’t be enough to sustain your business with quality leads. Supplementing this channel with direct marketing will bring in more qualified business leads faster. Direct marketing channels such as email, telemarketing, trade shows and seminars are extremely helpful.