Celebrating Women Leaders: Insights from Callbox’s Women Managers

Celebrating Women Leaders Insights from Callbox's Women Managers - Featured

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, it’s important to recognize and appreciate the contributions of women in all aspects of life. At Callbox, we are proud to have women in key leadership positions, guiding our organization toward success. In this article, we are thrilled to share the insights and experiences of our women managers, who have overcome challenges and achieved remarkable feats in their respective fields. From their career journeys to their thoughts on gender diversity in the workplace, these women offer valuable insights that inspire and empower us all.

And guess what, folks? Our CEO, Rom Agustin, is taking the hot seat as he chats with these amazing women himself! Get ready for an exclusive and entertaining inside scoop straight from the head honcho! Join us as we celebrate and honor the women who continue to shape the future of our industry.

Rebecca, the woman driving Callbox’s global push

Rebecca Matias, Callbox VP of Global Operations for International Women's Day 2023
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We’re excited to kick off our International Women’s Day special with an interview with Rebecca, our VP of Global Operations. Rebecca, also known as Queck, has been with our company since 2008 and has been instrumental in achieving Callbox’s significant milestones. As a mother, she manages to balance her personal and professional life while pursuing her passion for outdoor recreational activities like yoga, CrossFit, surfing, and rock climbing. Rebecca’s work takes her across our organization’s regional offices in the Asia-Pacific and LATAM, where she leads our operations teams to achieve operational excellence. In this interview, Rebecca shares her insights on leadership, overcoming challenges, and the importance of work-life balance.

Maintaining a balance between your maternal responsibilities and professional commitments can be challenging. How have your experiences as a mother influenced your leadership style at Callbox, and in what ways do you believe being a parent has helped you become a more effective leader?

As a mom to a super active boy and someone who loves outdoor physical activities, finding a balance between my personal life and work can be a challenge. Being a mom has taught me to be patient, understanding, and compassionate toward my team members. As a leader, it’s important to recognize that everyone has different needs and priorities, and by being understanding of these differences, I can better support my team in achieving their goals. Being a mom has also given me a broader perspective on life and helped me appreciate the importance of work-life balance. I make sure to take care of myself to prevent burnout and create a positive work environment for my team.

Could you share your perspective on Callbox’s future direction at a global scale, and how do you intend to play a part in realizing this vision?

The future looks bright for Callbox as we continue to expand globally. Our unique approach to B2B marketing sets us apart from the competition, and I believe that we can build upon this foundation to achieve even greater success. I am determined to do my part in ensuring that we stay ahead of industry trends and maximize our resources to drive our clients’ success. By fostering collaboration and communication among our teams across the Asia-Pacific, LATAM, and North America, we can work together to identify new opportunities for growth and continuously improve our processes. At the end of the day, it’s all about staying focused on our clients’ needs and providing top-notch service to ensure their success. With this approach, I’m confident that Callbox will continue to be a leader in the lead generation space for years to come!

Get to know Rebecca better: Empowering Women in Marketing: Get to Know Rebecca Matias

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Be inspired! Let’s get motivated with Mitos

Mitos Aguadera, Callbox Head of Sales and Client Acquisition for International Women's Day 2023
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Our interview series continues with Mitos, who serves as the Head of Global Sales and Customer Success at Callbox. Mitos has amassed extensive experience working with large global brands, primarily in APAC, North America, and LATAM. She leads our sales team across these regions, playing a key role in building and maintaining strong client relationships while also helping us achieve our growth targets. In addition to her work, Mitos has a passion for reading books and she makes it a point to share the lessons she learns with her team, inspiring them to be their best selves. In this interview, Mitos shares her insights on sales, customer success, and the importance of lifelong learning in a rapidly evolving industry.

What are some of the initiatives or programs you have implemented to support the professional development of women in your organization?

Although I’m not directly responsible for training and development, I regularly provide suggestions on how we can enhance our training programs. Additionally, I’ve been actively advocating for mental health and wellness initiatives. Just last March 10, I collaborated with HR and Callbox Christian Community to organize a talk on mental health titled “You are Not Alone”

Staying motivated and driven is essential for achieving success in any role, including yours at Callbox. How do you maintain your own sense of drive, and what strategies do you use to inspire and motivate your team members to achieve their goals and excel in their roles?

I demonstrate the principles that I advocate by serving as a positive role model to my colleagues. I show up on time for work, client meetings, and team gatherings. Plus, I always make sure to meet deadlines—both for our team and clients. I set clear goals for myself and my colleagues, and do my best to support them in any way possible to achieve these goals.

Carmi and setting our customers up for success

Carmi Lanada, Callbox Director of Operations and Client Success for International Women's Day 2023
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Up next is Carmi, the Head of Customer Success and Operations for North America at Callbox. Carmi has been with our company since 2009, bringing 11 years of experience in managing B2B tech campaigns to her role. Her extensive knowledge and skills enable her to deliver quality lead generation services for various B2B lines of business, such as security solutions, data management, and automation, among others. As a seasoned North America Client Services Manager in Callbox, Carmi is a valuable member of our team, providing excellent customer service and operational support to our clients. In this interview, Carmi shares her insights on customer success, operations, and her experience in managing successful B2B lead generation campaigns.

Having worked at Callbox for over a decade, you have encountered numerous satisfied and dissatisfied customers. How do you handle interactions with unhappy customers, and what tactics do you use to effectively address their concerns and improve their experience with the company?

First, I make sure to listen attentively to their issues and complaints. This helps me understand the root cause of their dissatisfaction and find ways to address it promptly.

I also strive to anticipate their needs and stay one step ahead. By doing so, I can provide solutions that meet their expectations and exceed them whenever possible.

Moreover, I personalize my discussions and reports to what is important to each customer. This approach helps educate them on what they should be looking at while providing them with the necessary information to make informed decisions.

Lastly, I work closely with my team to be creative and strategic in planning ahead for customer interactions. This ensures that we never join a meeting unprepared and that we always deliver exceptional service.

In what ways do empathy and emotional intelligence contribute to the success of customer service, and how do you foster and develop these traits among your team members?

As a leader, I focus on fostering and developing these traits among my team members in a few different ways.

First, I stress the importance of having diverse perspectives working together towards a common goal – delivering great results for our clients. By doing so, we can understand our clients’ needs better and provide them with personalized solutions.

I also make it a point to explain the “why’s” behind our actions and decisions. This helps team members appreciate the bigger picture and understand how their individual roles contribute to the team’s success.

I firmly believe that every role and perspective is valuable, and I encourage my team members to contribute their thoughts and ideas. Quick decision-making is also important, and I encourage team members to take ownership of their decisions and accept the consequences so we can focus on what comes next.

Finally, leading by example and with integrity is key. By embodying these traits, I hope to inspire my team members to do the same and create a positive impact on our customers.

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Elevating customer success with Eunice

Eunice Grace Basicong, Callbox Client Success Manager for International Women's Day 2023
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Joining Carmi, let’s get to know Eunice, a Customer Success Manager for North America based in Callbox Davao. With her expertise in managing client relationships and delivering exceptional customer service, Eunice has made significant contributions to the success of Callbox’s North American operations. Let’s see how Eunice responds to the same set of questions that Carmi answered.

As one of our seasoned CSMs, you have encountered numerous satisfied and dissatisfied customers. How do you handle interactions with unhappy customers, and what tactics do you use to effectively address their concerns and improve their experience with the company?

Listen and act more. Our clients’ voices matter, and it’s our duty to hear them out and take action. As a leader, it’s imperative to guide your team in aligning their activities towards achieving our clients’ goals. While we may encounter challenges, I remain involved and committed to exploring all avenues to provide the best possible client experience.

In what ways do empathy and emotional intelligence contribute to the success of customer service, and how do you foster and develop these traits among your team members?

Empathy and emotional intelligence are crucial in maintaining a positive workplace environment. These traits have a significant impact on individuals and the company as a whole. They help us respond better to pressure situations, improve our critical thinking skills, and resolve conflicts smoothly. Managing different individuals can be challenging, and it’s important to acknowledge their differences and adapt your communication style accordingly. Empathy allows you to understand their perspective and build better relationships with your colleagues, fostering a collaborative and inclusive work environment. Emotional intelligence is also essential in navigating workplace dynamics, enabling you to recognize and manage your own emotions and those of others. By cultivating empathy and emotional intelligence, you can create a workplace culture that values open communication, trust, and mutual respect, leading to higher job satisfaction, increased productivity, and overall success for the company.

Mafe, the woman behind Callbox Latin America

Maria Fernanda Duque, Callbox Colombia Business Manager for International Women's Day 2023
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Now, let’s travel to LATAM and meet our next woman leader, Maria Fernanda, or Mafe, as she is commonly known. As Head of LATAM Operations, Mafe is responsible for overseeing Callbox’s operations in the region, which includes the company’s most recent regional office in Colombia. With her wealth of experience in the lead generation industry, Mafe is a valuable asset to the Callbox team and a key player in the company’s global operations. In this interview, we’ll learn more about Mafe’s role at Callbox and her perspective on the future of Callbox in the LATAM region.

What do you believe are the most important qualities of successful women in the workplace, and how do you cultivate these qualities in yourself?

I consider that one of the best qualities that women have is the organization and planning of the projects that we are going to carry out. We have the ability to know how to delegate, to be able to lead in an accurate way, this means that the team has guidelines that achieve common success.

What role do you believe the Latin American market plays in the growth and success of your organization, and how do you work to ensure that your regional office is aligned with the overall goals of the company?

I am fortunate to be part of this project for Callbox, which is LATAM, I feel very happy to be part of it and even happier when I see that with efforts and dedication today we have achieved great things and today be a side at the level of the others at Callbox, I believe that as a team we have been making everything come true, and I feel very proud to be the guide in the development of Callbox Latin America.

Fostering client relationships with Diana

Diana Carolina Sanabria, Callbox Colombia Business Manager for International Women's Day 2023
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Let’s meet Diana, another valued member of Callbox’s LATAM sales team based in Colombia. With her wealth of experience in sales and her commitment to providing top-notch service to her clients, Diana is an essential part of the Callbox team. In this interview, we’ll dive deeper into Diana’s role in the company, her insights on the challenges faced by sales teams in the LATAM region, and her approach to achieving success in the highly competitive world of B2B sales and marketing.

What do you think are some of the most important steps that women in sales can take to advance gender equality in their industry, and how can men and women work together to create a more equitable and inclusive workplace?

Here are some steps that women in sales can take to advance gender equality in their industry:

Develop a strong network: Building relationships with other women in sales can help to create a supportive community and provide opportunities for mentorship and collaboration.

Speak up: Women should feel empowered to speak up about their experiences and advocate for themselves and other women in the workplace.

Negotiate for fair pay and promotions: Women should negotiate for fair pay and promotions based on their skills and experience. Studies show that women often receive lower pay than men in sales roles, so negotiating is critical.

Seek out leadership opportunities: Women should actively seek out leadership roles in their organizations and look for ways to make an impact.

To create a more equitable and inclusive workplace, both men and women can work together to:

Educate themselves: Men should educate themselves on issues related to gender inequality, such as the gender pay gap, and seek to understand the experiences of women in their industry.

Be allies: Men can be allies by speaking up when they witness discrimination or bias, advocating for diversity and inclusion initiatives, and supporting women in their career advancement.

Encourage diversity in hiring and promotions: Companies should make a concerted effort to recruit and promote women and other underrepresented groups in sales roles.

Foster a culture of inclusion: Creating a workplace culture that values diversity and inclusion is critical. This can be achieved through training, policies and procedures, and leadership modeling inclusive behavior.

By working together, women and men can create a more equitable and inclusive workplace that benefits everyone.

What advice would you give to young women who aspire to a career in sales, and how have you personally overcome any barriers or obstacles you’ve faced in your own career?

I can give some general advices for young women aspiring to a career in sales:

Find a mentor: Find someone with sales experience who can guide and support your professional development.

Develop your communication skills: Sales relies heavily on effective communication, so it’s important to be able to express yourself clearly and persuasively.

Build a network of contacts: Sales require strong and lasting relationships with customers, so it is important that you strive to build a wide network of contacts.

Stay positive: Sales can be a challenging and stressful job, so it’s important to stay positive and optimistic to overcome any obstacles you may face.

As for the barriers or obstacles that women may face in a career in sales, it is important to note that gender discrimination still exists in many workplaces. If you find yourself in this situation, I recommend that you:

Seek support: Find people in your workplace who can support you and defend you in situations of discrimination.

Prove your value: If you work hard and prove yourself at work, you are more likely to be respected and treated fairly.

Look for leadership opportunities: If you find yourself at a company that doesn’t value your skills and contributions, it may be time to look for other leadership opportunities where you can be valued and respected.

Lexie, being an entrepreneur and a Callboxer

Alexie Silverio, Callbox Asia Pacific Business Manager for International Women's Day 2023
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Let’s head over to the vibrant Island of Siargao in the Philippines to meet Lexie, one of Callbox’s highly accomplished Customer Success Managers for the APAC region. With over a decade of experience in marketing and sales, Lexie is an expert in her field, and her passion for her work shines through in everything she does. She’s also a successful business owner, running a small Airbnb on the picturesque island of Siargao. Adding to her impressive list of accomplishments, Lexie is currently in Singapore to host Callbox’s live event titled “Outbound Lead Generation Success: The Lab Approach to Winning Sales”. Let’s learn more about Lexie’s insights on the APAC market, her approach to customer success, and her unique perspective as both a business owner and a dedicated Callbox team member.

How did you come to own an Airbnb as well and what impact has your business ownership had on your career and vice versa?

After working in the banking industry for over 3 years doing sales and marketing, I wanted to switch careers and move into hospitality and client service. A year after I was given the opportunity to start my own Airbnb with the support of my mother. She believed in my vision and my dream and I was able to build 3 villas as a start. Today, I have another business partner who helped in the expansion of my business and we have a total of 5 A frame villas in the heart of Siargao. As an entrepreneur, this has built my character in many positive ways. I am focused, goal oriented and constantly thinking about ways to grow and expand. Because I am in the hospitality industry, it works hand in hand in providing excellent customer experience which is why working in client services for Callbox is very complimentary to my career and business.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your work in customer success management, and what advice would you give to other women who are interested in pursuing a career in this field?

As a CSM and business owner – having happy and satisfied clients is very important and rewarding for me. Good reviews boost my confidence in the service I am able to provide. Consistent revenue is a bonus to all the work I do. I am ambitious and I like to try multiple ways to improve both my role as a CSM and business owner. My advice to other women out there, do not listen to the noise of people telling you that you CAN NOT do it. You can accomplish anything your heart desires, you just need to be consistent and disciplined with your growth – taking the good with the bad and learning along the way.

To conclude this interview, we posed the following questions to these exceptional women. Let’s delve into their responses.

Would Callbox be a conducive environment for women to embark on their career journeys and feel empowered?


Yes! Callbox may have been in existence for nearly two decades, but the organization has managed to maintain an energetic, youthful and dynamic atmosphere.


Yes, it has been a very rewarding journey. Callbox is mostly ran by strong and capable women. The company provides opportunity for self-growth and career development while acknowledging our roles as mothers, wives, women of this society.


For sure, Callbox is a company that clearly allows female power to lead the organization, professionally Callbox could believe and believe in me as a professional woman and capable of achieving goals.


Yes, callbox is a company where a large part of its workforce is female and more than 80% of its leaders are women; Callbox is a company that trusts in feminine power. So if a woman wants to start her professional career in our company, she will have the environment and the confidence that she needs to develop in the role that she wants to face.


Absolutely! I work with amazing, smart and driven women! They are unstoppable and I am truly grateful to be working side by side with these women and learning from them as well.

What advice would you give to your younger self, and what lessons would you share with other women who are just starting out in their careers?


Always be your best self whatever you’re doing


16 years ago my mentor at church told told me when I was still an agent that I should Grow Where I’m Planted. Growth takes time, patience, perseverance and humility. You can’t GROW ALONE and Do Not Compare Your Progress with Another Person to measure your Growth.

Lewis Hamford said, “Growth and Self-Transformation cannot be delegated”. If you wanted to be successful you need to intentionally and deliberately discipline yourself and it starts with Time Management and Commitment.


Take things at your own pace. Don’t feel like you have to rush or keep up with everyone else’s timeline. It’s important to prioritize your own well-being and happiness.

Keep learning! The world is always changing, and there’s always something new to discover. Whether it’s through formal education or personal exploration, don’t be afraid to keep expanding your horizons.

Persevere and keep working on self-improvement. It may be tough at times, but if you stick with it, new opportunities will present themselves.

Know your limits and set boundaries. It’s important to be respectful of your own needs and space, and to communicate those needs to others when necessary.

Remember that everyone’s journey is different. Don’t compare yourself to others, and focus on your own unique path to success and fulfillment.


I would advise her to believe in her in the abilities and skills she has to achieve everything she sets out to achieve, I would tell her that women have everything to be successful and lead the entire world.


To my younger self and other women starting out in their careers, I would offer the following advice:

Believe in yourself: Confidence is essential to success. Don’t let self-doubt hold you back. Believe in yourself and your abilities.

Learn continuously: The world is changing rapidly, and you must keep learning and updating your skills to stay relevant in your industry.

Network: Build relationships with people in your field. Networking can help you find new job opportunities, learn about new trends in your industry, and connect you with mentors who can offer guidance and advice.

Set goals: Setting achievable goals can help you stay motivated and focused. Write down your goals, break them into small steps, and track your progress.

Don’t be afraid to take risks: Sometimes, the best opportunities come from taking risks. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and try something new.

Speak up: Don’t be afraid to speak your mind and share your ideas. Your unique perspective and ideas could make a difference in your organization.

Be resilient: There will be obstacles and setbacks along the way, but don’t let them discourage you. Learn from your mistakes, pick yourself up, and keep moving forward.

Remember that success is a journey, and it takes hard work and perseverance. Stay focused, keep learning, and be true to yourself.


Your best teacher is your experiences, learning from it! Grow from the failures and be open to feedback. Be open to educating yourself daily and have a mentor you can look up to. You can achieve anything your heart desires!

We hope you enjoyed getting to know our women managers at Callbox. From their inspiring journeys to their insights on leadership and diversity, these women have shown us that with hard work, determination, and a positive mindset, anything is possible.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, let’s continue to recognize and appreciate the invaluable contributions of women in all aspects of life. Let’s continue to create a world where everyone is given equal opportunities to succeed, regardless of gender.

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