5 Ways B2B Startups can Become Thought Leaders

5 Ways B2B Startups can be Thought Leaders

Modern marketing has a lot to offer the world. And we mean a LOT.

With companies becoming more aggressive in their lead generation and appointment setting campaigns, it has become relatively difficult – especially for business startups – to promote their brands. Considering the amount of content and clutter that has overrun every communication channel there is, you would be lucky to have sourced at least a B2B lead from one of these channels.

It would seem like the present offers the least favorable conditions in which B2B startups can prosper. Unlike big and more experienced companies that are capable of investing in mass messaging and promoted advertising, B2B startups have no other course but to apply more cost-efficient and productive strategies to break the handicap.

To counter the messaging of big brands, startups can always fashion themselves as effective thought leaders.

MediaMarkSpotlight.com gives a clear description of what a thought leader is: “an authority on a topic relevant to a group of people.” Take note of the word: authority. It is always synonymous with competence and experience that usually take a great deal of time and effort to attain.

Fortunately, with a little practice, simple startups can effectively build their credibility just enough to get their audience’s attention.

Use LinkedIn

Writing for Forbes, Mary Juetten said that your LinkedIn account can be used to build up your reputation as a thought leader. Provide insightful replies and comments to message boards and share thoughts on specific industry-relevant topics.

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Blog regularly

In the same article, Juetten highlights posting of relevant blog content on a regular basis. This allows for maintaining a regular stream of site visitors who at any time can expect you to provide new industry information.

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Attend conferences

Joining conferences is the way forward. As companies continue to see the value of corporate events, it is imperative for you to interact and expand your networks to include more influencers. Just put on your best business attire and start socializing with fellow startups as well as industry veterans.

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Create a podcast

Nothing beats video when it comes to raising audience awareness. But what could beat a podcast that lets you to promote corporate wisdom in real-time? Hold webinars and you will see what we’re getting at.

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Focus on relationships… not on ego

One fatal notion about thought leadership is that it justifies having a know-it-all attitude. It is not, because thought leadership is more about forming symbiotic bonds and building (from the ground up) a long-term image you want to project to one’s market.

Being a thought leader entails a lot of challenges especially convincing audience that you are worth their time. So here’s a good quote to end this post.

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