The Cost of DIY Lead Generation

Find out how much it would normally cost to set up and run a fully managed, cross-channel lead generation program on your own.

You always have the option to run your lead generation campaign internally. That option, however, isn’t always the best if you want to be smart with your marketing budget. In putting together a lead generation program, there are four things you will need to spend on – DATA, TOOLS, STAFF and OVERHEAD.

Data + Tools + Staff + Overhead

To save you the time and effort of researching and asking around, we’ve put together a breakdown of these costs you will incur should you choose to run a lead generation program on your own. You will see how much it would cost you for a 12-month period, which is the typical length of a pilot program offered by lead generation service providers such as Callbox.

You will find that letting Callbox handle your lead generation would cost you only a mere fraction of doing it yourself. The Callbox Lead Management Program delivers the same, if not more, features and benefits as offered by the tools listed here. Working with our experienced staff means shorter training times and faster execution of best practices, with practically zero overhead cost.

Breakdown of costs per category: Tools, Staff/Expertise, and Overhead

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