What Makes an Outstanding Telemarketing Campaign [for All Types of Industry]

What Makes an Outstanding Telemarketing Campaign [for All Types of Industry]

Hold on to your high hats folks, because we are about to drop major love for telemarketing.

And what better way to start off than with some juicy observations from 72Solutions.com:

  1. B2B Telemarketing is NOT annoying in B2B. Managers expect to receive sales calls, it is part of their job.
  2. Telemarketing is the most effective lead nurturing technique. Find out why
  3. Telemarketing delivers far better quality leads than social media.
  4. Relevant data can increase B2B response by 800%
  5. Tools that have human interaction, like telemarketing, build lasting relationships

We can say all we want against telemarketing. But the fact that B2B brands are using it as their main channel for generating leads and increasing sales speaks volumes about how it is going to stay in a digitally-driven world. Read more on Keep Calm and Cold Call: B2B Telemarketing is Still an Unstoppable Force

You are probably thinking, “Well, I should drop everything and focus more on outbound campaigns.”

But before you go planning on setting up a telemarketing component, you should understand that a lot has to be considered in building a truly effective conduit for generating and nurturing sales leads.

Without proper strategy and implementation, a B2B telemarketing campaign would not be able to provide the results you wanted, entailing a waste of resources on your part. Avoid going down this road by understanding the elements that will make most out of your conversations with B2B prospects.

  1. An Effective Call Script. Communication is the foundation of any telemarketing call. But the moment you say the wrong words will be the moment a prospect is turned off. This is where call scripts come in handy.

Now, businesses are deeply divided on the issue of using call scripts. Some say they reduce the “human aspect” of a telemarketing call, while others agree they are essential to keeping the conversation within the road to a sales appointment. Both parties seem to offer valid points, but why not find a middle ground?

There is truth to the issue that call scripts dehumanize conversations, but only if these scripts are designed specifically to make you sound like a robot. With that said, the best way is to create a script that includes the most relevant information you have to say (i.e. your company’s identity, its products and services) as well as some spaces in between where you can improvise and respond to questions like the bag of flesh and bone that you are. Check out our sample telemarketing scripts here

  1. The Right Tools. But what’s a conversation without having the right kind of infrastructure to support it? For sure, you need to use the best tools in order to keep your telemarketers productive in seeking out leads and open up sales opportunities.

The trend right now has always been integration. B2B companies have decided that it is best to tie up their telemarketing with scalable marketing automation systems.

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But what can marketing automation do for the simple act of picking up the phone and talking to a decision-maker?

A LOT. And one essential thing it can do is to enable telemarketers to concentrate on leads that already indicate high exposure and interaction with your content. Marketing automation takes these interactions into account and scores each lead accordingly. You will eventually acquire a list of prospects that express high levels of interest in your products and services. What’s more, these are prospects who are now ready to accept a cold-call.

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  1. A quality list. “Okay, effective call script… check! Marketing automation… check! I think I am ready to start a telemarketing campaign!” Well, not just yet. You still need to build a database of  names to help you seek out sales opportunities.

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But list-building has always been a critical issue among B2B enterprises. In most cases, they have to do it from scratch, which obviously takes a whole lot of time. They can always purchase lists from third-party marketing service providers, but there is no guaranteeing that such lists contain profile-consistent prospects.

But one thing is certain: List-building should always be about quality. And whether you are building your database yourself, or acquiring one from a marketing firm, you still need to make sure that the names and addresses contained in it are responsive. Stop chasing invalid email addresses. Or else you get to see your campaign suffer.

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