Tips to Become a Cold Call Connoisseur

Tips to Become a Cold Call Connoisseur

In any endeavor, be it keeping touch with friends or collecting leads, nurturing social media platforms paves the way to achieving solid networks.

B2B marketers see in these platforms as very effective lead generation tools, but are they reliable, or else, effective? An ambiguous question merits an ambiguous answer. But for now, we should turn our attention to good old-fashioned telemarketing.

There are a variety of ways to approach telemarketing. But if you really want credible B2B results, then cold calling is the way to go, although many businesses often struggle in that area.

Here are some tips on how to effectively conduct a cold call campaign that can effectively gain leads and translate them to closed sales:

Keep your eye on the prize. It is important for you to know your prospects well. And this entails a lot of hard researching and constant observance of consumer behaviors. Also highly important is to know pertinent information on your contacts before actually calling them. You can use a variety of social media tools for this, like LinkedIn and Facebook. The idea here is to make sure they are the decision-makers you are looking for.

Work around the limits. Time constraints always pose a constant challenge to telemarketers. Efficient prospecting can be rendered useless if a target doesn’t pick up the phone. Imagine how much resource that would cost you. However, you can always anchor you campaign to follow a certain time frame. The period between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. during the middle of the week are ideal for cold calls. Thus, it is imperative that you know your prospect’s local time well.

Integrate with social media. Always remember that marketing strategies is not done through an isolated method. Rather, it is an integration of new media methods and telemarketing. If you conceive of a B2B lead generation campaign based on social media, always complement your program with cold calls.

Hunt down problems. An effective cold call is one that engages a prospect, and this entails knowing what problems they are facing and how your company can approach them. Always assume that your customers have important issues to resolve and your task is to be their savior.

Draw a line. Not literally. What we are aiming for is correspondence and warm dialogue with a prospect. All your efforts will all go to waste if you keep on beeping them up. Your persistence could be read as a knack for annoyance. Like beer, cold calls are safe when kept within moderate boundaries.

We can never assume that cold calls are dead or dying. In fact, they are here to stay, and if you know how to wield them well, you can only expect conversion rates to rise.

Source: B2B Cold Calling Best Practices