The Six Cold Calling Mistakes Telemarketing People Make

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I know we have all talked about it for the last couple of times already. But this is still a topic that many of us still talk about. Why? Because we still end up with these problems in our telemarketing campaigns, day in, day out. This is also the reason why, even until now, our appointment setting representatives still end up with that kind of problem.

And mind you, these cold calling mistakes are so common that we have to keep reminding our people not to commit them. And still they do. Most of the time, it is because your people forget about these.

Here is to remembering these gaffes all over again:

  1. Faking friendly – if you want a sure-fire way to turn off your sales leads prospects, then nothing beats you faking friendliness or cheerfulness. People these days can smell a liar from a mile away, so if you want to use friendliness as a mask for business, please, drop it. It will be much better, if not tolerable, to your prospects if simply come clean as to why you called and proceed to your purpose. That will save everyone time.
  1. Shooting off the list – this is especially common in business calls that offer a whole slew of products and services to your prospects. You want to rattle off your entire range to your prospects, hoping that at least one of those in your list would hit the jackpot. Trouble is, it rarely happens. A better option would be to just tell your prospects what you are offering in general, and then ask them what they want. Listen to what they are saying, and use the information to come up with the solution.
  1. Talk about yourself – remember, you are in business to help others, not yourself. Yes, you want to make a profit, but you have to show to the prospects that you are there to help them. Focus your discussion on them. When you talk, put the focus of your discussion about them, not about you, that will get their positive reaction.
  1. Giving up too soon – some marketers make the mistake of giving up on the first objection they hear. Do not be like that. Rather, make that objection an opportunity to open up opportunities into making a deal with them. It may not be now, but at least you have something done for the future.
  1. Failing to create differentiation – on problem that marketers make when talking to B2B leads is that they fail to differentiate their business from the others. This is a common error in marketing, but one that can cost your business big time. Remember, when you start talking to your prospects, tell them how your business can do a better job for them compared to the rest.
  1. Ask the wrong questions – asking questions is important, but what is even more important is that you ask the right questions in lead generation. Go straight to the point and make your prospects talk. And if do not go straight to the sales. That might wait for a later time.

Avoid these mistakes, and you will be in a better spot in your telemarketing campaign.