The Seven Steps To Effective Telemarketing For CRM Companies

Despite what B2B lead generation pundits are saying, telemarketing still plays an important role in the prospecting, generation, nurturing, and conversion of potential sales leads. This is because such a direct marketing tool can provide positive results in the shortest possible time.

The only issue, so far, that makes CRM companies doubt its effectiveness deals mostly with the methodology used by B2B telemarketers. With the multitude of sales strategies being used, it can be a confusing process. Still, they need not become befuddled over this. You see, there are only seven steps in telemarketing. Follow these, and there would be no problem at all. These are:

    1. Dial – obviously, this is the first step. But this is also the one step that must be done correctly if you want to generate B2B leads properly. Calling the wrong person in the wrong company will not only waste your time, but will also create a bad impression in terms of your professionalism.
    1. Connect – after making the call, you will be connected to someone. While the person answering the phone may not be the intended, it is still a connection with your prospects. In case you never get connected, no matter how many times you dial, you might want to check your sales list.
    1. Converse – once you are able to connect with someone, you should make sure that a conversation takes place. Communication plays a crucial role in your B2B appointment setting efforts. It may be a long or short one, but what matters is that you are talking to someone.
    1. Reach – reaching your intended targets is also an important part of the marketing process. For you to make a sale, you need to get someone who actually holds the purse to make a purchase from you.  It will also help you decide whether to pursue this prospect or not.
    1. Qualify – once you see potentials in getting sales leads out of these prospects, you should see if the prospect is really capable of making a deal with you. In that case, you can have a sales representative work on it and nurture this connection.
    1. Understand – in marketing, you need to understand the problems that your business prospects face. If they do, then it is time to ask them if they have a solution in place. If not, then you can offer your own solution. This is a good way to turn them into B2B leads.
  1. Readying – at this point, it is expected that you have spent time and effort in nurturing a relationship with your prospects. Once you have done that, it would be easier for you to ask for their business. There is really no need to be hesitant about this. If you have done the sales leads nurturing process right, then you would be able to make a sale.

CRM companies, with the use of effective telemarketing strategies, can find new customers. As long as they follow these seven steps, then they will be in the right path.