The Psychology of Outbound Telemarketing: Assessing Prospects’ Personalities

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Part of a being a business owner is to know who your clients are. From a psychological standpoint, you will need to know their biases and expectations for the kind of solutions they want to purchase. One thing’s for sure, it is important that you need to understand what enables clients to decide on purchasing a product or solution.

B2B lead generation and appointment setting puts a great deal of emphasis on understanding the attitudes of buyers. In fact, most B2B companies would invest so much of their time and resources on market research and intelligence, hoping to unlock the secrets to a B2B client’s mind. This is so they can create messages that coincide with their clients’ needs and demands. And of course, this would also benefit the bottomline in a lot of ways.

But one challenge remains: not all prospects have the same attitude towards purchasing a specific solution. Try as you may, you can never tell what a buyer thinks – unless of course you know full well the social styles they possess.

Here are four of these styles that you need to know to better engage your clients and secure an advantageous position in terms of generating increased sales.

The Driver

These are basically the type of customers that want to run the whole show. During a telemarketing call, they are usually the ones who want the conversation to go their way. They pose a great challenge since their style is about dominating the conversation on their end and trying to put you in a corner in which you, as the solutions provider, need to figure a way out. The end result is that you make an uneven compromise. Understanding this type of buyer entails giving them the podium and barrage them with information and other details they haven’t known yet.

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The Analytic

If the driver is all talk, the Analytic is all about deconstructing your conversations. He or she is usually is the type who stalks like a ninja. Silent but cunning, the Analytic only engages you seldomly, but with questions that will make you put the call on hold until you come up with an appropriate, less awkward response. Mostly found in the IT sector, Analytics want you to give them expert advice on the things they care the most. A moment’s hesitation in answering a query can eventually turn them off.

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The Amiable

These are basically your ordinary types that have the conversation style of Drivers but lack the meticulousness of Analytics. The Amiables are your corps of customers who are more than willing to talk anything under the Sun. Expect your telemarketing calls to go off tangent, forcing you to redirect it towards the objective. What’s more, these types are also the least proficient, but with your help, they can get to decide on the right solution for their bottom lines.

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The Expressive

Lastly, Expressives are customers that have all the qualities of the other three social styles. One interesting thing about these types is that like to make queries and change the tone of the conversation when they see fit. They are certainly the most dynamic of the three social styles, which also forces you to become dynamic as well. But one good thing is that Expressives are very much open to ideas and will never hesitate to fill you in need on what is to be done.

Every unique individual deserves a distinctive approach to telemarketing, and it all comes down to having the right knowledge and skills to “assess” common behavior. The last thing a telemarketer wants is to employ a style that would “clash” with the prospective client’s personality, thus reducing chances of a potential business opportunity.

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