The Problem With Telemarketing Today

The Problem With Telemarketing Today by Callbox

As much as we are crazy for telemarketing, we cannot ignore the persistent problems facing it today.

What are these problems?


– B2B marketers are getting rejected as more people have cynical whenever they receive a telemarketer.

Increased costs

– Nowadays, you cannot initiate a cold calling campaign without churning out a hefty sum of money.

Tougher sanctions

– Issues on personal privacy and security have fashioned for telemarketing a negative impression of itself, forcing governments to introduce new laws and regulations on telemarketing.

Continually evolving

– As more and more B2B businesses are using lead generation telemarketing, constant enhancements in proficiency and infrastructure are vital – if you don’t mind the extra expenses.

Don’t these reasons make you want to concentrate more on social media and email? Of course, not!

Its downsides notwithstanding, telemarketing is still as important to your business as fertilizer is to an ornamental plant.

In the fast-paced world that we live in where people are being bombarded by a nauseating amount of free information, nothing still beats the nurturing touch of telemarketing. Even with high costs and rejection rates, you cannot overlook the possibilities of engaging clients who prefer real-time interactions with real and professional corps of callers to anything else.

Our 10-year experience in telemarketing enables us to drive home with real results.

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