The Perfect Response to “We Are Currently Working With Your Competitor”

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In telemarketing, any sales rep knows that hate is not the reason behind a prospect’s objection towards a sales pitch. Instead, it is indifference. And what could be more indifferent than the words “We’re all set. We’re happy with our current supplier.”?

In fact, hearing this can easily put even the most seasoned telemarketers off guard and into a tight spot that they often forget how to handle objects in sales calls. But, fret not; here are some of the ways of handling sales objections to get to the perfect response to “We are currently working with your competitor.”

#1: Find out what you are up against

Knowing your competition is the first step to making loyal customers notice your brand and turning them over to your side. Harvest the information you need by asking questions on why and how their current supplier satisfies them.

What edge do they have over the other providers and how do they deliver their service?

These are just some of the information you might want to get hold of in order to come up with the best sales responses. Though this may not instantly turn prospects your way, it is just as good to know that you have already achieved the first part to getting your company heard – establish rapport. 

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 #2: Compliment prospects on their decision

After being told “We’re already working with your competitor,” most sales reps would almost instantly turn defensive and start insisting on how different they are from the rest. Although in some instances this approach could work, it can also be one of the most devastating mistakes one can make.

Never pitch your way out without understanding the specific situation that the prospect is already in. Instead, acknowledge them first for their decisions and only then can you start to offer the better options you have in store for them. Not only is this a smart move in overcoming customers objections, it will also help you establish credibility that’ll earn you business referrals. Most importantly, get them to listen.

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#3: Propose value and match product to prospects needs

Now that you have drawn their attention, it is time to show the potential customer your value proposition. Tell them what separates your brand from the competition and what benefits your company can provide. Once you get that out of the way, follow up by matching your product to the prospect’s needs.

Every buyer has different concerns so let them be the judge of things, but try to lead the conversation by giving them all you’ve got. Put emphasis on the strongest points and make them see how ideal your brand can be in solving their unique business needs.

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#4: Seize the opportunity

In case you have done all the hard work and you’re still not able to win you’re prospect over does not mean your efforts have gone to waste. This is the best time to capture the opportunity and entice them to take action. Chances are, you are dealing with a smart buyer. Getting them to consider your brand requires more work. What you can do is to offer to send information in order for them to go over your product and come up with a sound decision. Offer them digital downloads in sales that will convince them even more.

Asking them to attend an upcoming webinar is also a wise move or you can opt to let your sales team take over from here and advise your prospect to expect a follow up phone call from them.

So when you’re on a sales call, the thing to remember whenever you are faced with the dreaded objection “We’re already working with another company and we’re happy with them” is to keep your cool. It doesn’t have to be your cue to exit stage left; it’s simply an invitation to improvise.

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