The Best Technique In Sales Leads Telemarketing? Start A Conversation

The Best Technique In Sales Leads Telemarketing? Start A Conversation

Caller: “Hi Mr. Prospect, I’m…calling on behalf of…company, we are a worldwide leader in…and we provide…solutions that will…the business. I’d like to check if you’ve been encountering some challenges like…with your current set-up, and if you are looking for other systems that can…co’z if you do, our consultant would be glad to visit your office for a quick discussion on how we might be able to help your business, and that would be on Thursday, at 10am, I can send you a calendar invite for that as well…. “

Does the spiel remind you of someone or something? Right! It’s like monologuing. The call was dominated by only one person and hardly gave the other person a chance to speak. It’s a common mistake caused by different factors like extreme excitement, distractions, exhaustion etc.

A conversation is a two-way communication – a speaker and a listener. When the other person talks, the other one listens, one person asks a question, the other one will answer and vice versa.

Telemarketing, like all other business calls, requires a balanced conversation between the agent and the prospect; clearly understanding each other in order to come into a mutual agreement that would bring out favorable results to both – a lead, an appointment or a sale to the caller.

So before you put on that headset and click the start button on your crm, bone up with some call to actions below that will drive you to confidently start a conversation”  with a prospective client.

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Smile. The prospect may not practically see you doing so but it’ll show through the pleasant tone of your voice. Keep a steady smile throughout the call and this will make you feel relaxed. Smiling uses only 26 muscles while frowning uses more with 62 – quite an effort.

Open the call with a lively voice and positive tone greeting. That perky feeling will boost your confidence in delivering your pitch and help you crossover any crucial point in the call. However, excessive adrenaline rush might make you talk too much so remember to be in control. Keep cool.

Speak Clearly. Rehearse your spiel and seek coaching before your start calling. This will ease the flow of your speech in a clear and professional manner that will induce comprehension between you and the prospect. Focus on one subject at a time.

Use Courtesy Phrases and Power Words. Say “please”, “thank you”, and  “you’re welcome”. These are courtesy phrases and power words like perfect”, “great”, or “good job” translate request, appreciation, and acknowledgement in a polite manner while boosting the prospect’s ego.

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Build Rapport by Initiating Small Talks. Like “how are you today?”, “have you heard about the latest..” – discover tidbits of information to fully open the conversation and fill gaps like “ahh”, “uhm”, well ahh” in the call.

Probe. Ask open-ended questions that will unleash substantial information from the prospect, which in return will make you understand the prospect’s point of view. At some point, deadlines and quota may press you to assert your purpose like getting the prospect to say yes to an appointment. That’s fine but don’t trap him in closed-ended questions like, “so you’re currently evaluating, well good, our consultant can give you a good deal, would an office meeting at 3pm on Monday, work for you?” – pushing his back against the wall is a no-no.

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Actively Listen. Take note of the prospect’s statements and questions, and sincerely give proper and appropriate responses. In some cases, your responses may come out automatic and may be perceived robotic. Avoid this by adding a pinch of emotion and warmth in your tone like “Oh, that’s a good question. Well, let me see..”

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Profile your prospect. Know which type is the prospect: driver, analytical, amiable, or expressive. Watch nonverbal cues to adjust your tone and the conversation flow based on his psyche.

Join their Circle. Learn about their industry and the services they provide by going through their company website, and by reviewing some social media sites they engage in to get yourself updated with their activities and understand their thoughts towards issues. This will give them the impression that you share a common interest with them.

Be a Subject-matter Expert. Beef up your brains with the information about the subject that you will be discussing with the prospect. Speak about the topic with authority. Be knowledgeable and spontaneous but be sure to acknowledge the prospect’s opinion or suggestions in order to have a balanced conversation.

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QA Specialists stringently impose and expect proper phone etiquette in each sales call. It’s dynamic in achieving success for every business. Callbox QA James Roa said:

“In each call, the prospect will gauge your skills and credibility, as well as the company you represent by the way you sound on the phone. It’s a make or break – seize the moment!” 

Now please help me out, let’s revise the spiel:

Caller: “Hi I’m Kelly. Am I speaking to Rob, Marketing Director of ABC company?”

Prospect: “Yes you are, how can I help?”

Caller: Hi Rob , I am calling on behalf of … we are a worldwide leader in … and we provide … I’d like to check if you’ve been encountering some challenges like …

Prospect: We do … we need an upgrade.

Caller: Oh I see, looks like our system is a perfect fit….  Would you be open for a consultation?

Prospect: I would , if that doesn’t take much of my time..

Caller: Certainly not Rob., just a 10-15 minute talk.. Would Monday next week at 10 am work for you for an office meeting?

Prospect:  Sounds good..

Caller: Perfect then, thank you Rob, you have a great day.

So how does that sound  to you?

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