The Benefits of Telemarketing Services for Software Industry Events

The Benefits of Telemarketing Services for Software Industry Events

The software industry is a fast-paced world that blossoms on a constant flow of new products being launched into the public every now and then. Considering the multitude of software companies out in the market, the battle centers on how each of them would attract their audiences through product launches, updates and events.

This is where their lead generation capabilities are put to the test.

The question now, is: out of all the available channels of marketing, which one should a software company choose to generate invitations for a product launch? Virtually any of the avenues are usable, but in this article the focus will be on telemarketing.

Telemarketing provides for clear messaging

The thing about software product launches is that it entails a specific kind of positioning to make sure software buyers know exactly what they need to know. These products are usually technically detailed and this would demand the clearest marketing channel possible. That’s where telemarketing is strongest.

When marketers talk to prospect buyers directly, they can better provide information needed for a commitment to take place. Information sent via email or any other channel can cause misinformation and would take a much longer time.

Telemarketing has more leverage

Aside from being able to effectively educate potential buyers, telemarketing also has the advantage of being able to convince potential buyers. There’s really nothing more powerful than being able to speak with someone in real time and address whatever concerns he may have about the launch.

Telemarketing lists usually include updated lists of specific names that could be targeted for the launch, and if that doesn’t work out, telemarketers can always look for another person within the company. Now that’s something you can’t do via email.

Telemarketing is more personal

Bringing in a personal touch in an industry as technical as software products is fresh breath of air for most business people. It makes them feel more important and valued as a member of the community, and they will greatly appreciate the thought of giving them a heads-up whenever new products are released.

An effective lead generation strategy is vital in building a successful software product launch. While it’s always best to utilize as many channels as possible, one must also look at which one can more efficiently accomplish the goal without compromising the basic values of running a business.