Telemarketing Turning Points: How to Optimize Lost Opportunities

Telemarketing Turning Points- How Lost Opportunities can be Optimized

In B2B marketing, you can never refuse the ability of traditional inbound techniques, most especially telemarketing.

If anything, telemarketing continues to be a preferable channel for many decision makers. It is seen as an effective way in fostering nascent business relationships. At least 28% of decision makers say that telemarketing makes them feel valued, based on a slideshow by SCI Sales. On top of that, the ROI it delivers is unmatched by that of any other B2B platform.

But however one sees it, the main issue is more of application. It matters if the company that is handling effective telemarketing operations for B2B lead generation and appointment setting. In many cases, not many marketers are that skilled or lucky enough to maximize their telemarketing opportunities. More often than not, opportunities to set a sales appointment are lost along the way, entailing a waste of time and resources.

No doubt rejections are a fact of life this side of the B2B world. But this shouldn’t hamper you from realizing short-term and long-term company goals.

There are concrete ways to turn rejections into better opportunities, and here’s how:

Re-assess along the way

Your telemarketing strategies need revamping from time to time. And it is necessary for a business to perceive subtle trends in its campaign’s progress. Key metrics such as conversions and ROI should be taken note. Knowing such trends can help in revising your present telemarketing strategies.

Improve your led nurturing via email

On the first contact, it is likely that a prospect defers his or her decision to set an appointment. They will rather reserve their decision for subsequent contacts. In between contacts, your marketing program should send out personalized emails that touch on topics that weren’t discussed during previous engagements. Moreover, emails allow you to control and influence a decision maker’s willingness to buy.

When rejected, move on

Much to your chagrin, you simply cannot do anything about sales prospects who are simply not interested in buying your products. In such a case, it would be best to leave it at that. You can always depend on your B2B lead generation campaign to prospect for decision makers that are sure to partner up with you. It’s tough choice, but with a little persistence in generating B2B leads, you might just improve your sales performance.

Telemarketing is not that easy. It’s not just about calling someone to make a sale. It is more about influencing others and solving pressing issues, tasks that an independent and highly competent outsourcing firm can live up to.