Telemarketing for Financial Services


Partnering with a financial telemarketing service can help spark sales

Yes, the markets are volatile. Yes, interest rates are being slashed to stimulate the economy. Chances are the credit card or cards you have in your possession now have a lower APR or fixed rate of interest thanks in part to the Fed and your friendly banking institution. That’s good news to consumers and someone has to help spread the news. Some banks are now offering $100 or more just to open a checking account with direct deposit, more good news to reach the masses. This is where a financial telemarketing service can help a financial company of any kind spark sales by getting the word out and making those telemarketing calls.

Financial institutions, banks, investment firms, credit card companies some of which are now also banks such as Capital One, all utilize a financial telemarketing service since this is the most cost-effective and productive way of reaching customers. Unlike some members of their sales staff, a financial telemarketing service is not sheepish about making those necessary calls. Cold calls or those informative ones are equally easy to make. A financial telemarketing service documents their efforts and results via call reports and is available upon request.

A financial telemarketing service is a specialty outsourcing solution that can help stimulate sales. Financial telemarketers convince consumers to switch banks or their stock trading account by making those necessary telemarketing calls. Wouldn’t you consider switching banks or switching to another stock trading company if it meant a “thank you” deposit of $100, or a certain number of free trades? A financial telemarketing service makes sales calls that get results. That’s their sole mission. They methodically and professionally make the telemarketing calls, calling upon an existing list of customers or a list of prospects that may have responded to a print, online or mail ad.

A financial telemarketing service can be a positive and productive outsourcing solution. They can be an extension of a financial institution sales force without the payroll expenses and cost of benefits not to mention the phone equipment and support services the financial company doesn’t have to bother with.